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THE THAMES BARGE RACES BASED ON MALDON 9th JULY 2011. Click and Ctrl + to enlarge  photo; "back" to return. 

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Our berth at Maldon

Hythe Warf, Maldon

X-Pilot (from advert) our boat

Closing in on the leader

Maldon from the Blackwater

A fair wind

A Fishing Smack

Three Spectators

Ships that pass....

Boat's Tender behind

Catamaran and trapeze

Gunwales Awash

Keeping Low Profiles

On different tacks

Who gives way?

With Spinnakers Set

The Clouds arrived

Go faster on the winch!

A Good wind today

It takes at least Three to fix

Sailing Gull winged

Don't slip!

Good clouds

Across our bow

Catamaran Race

A better viewpoint

Deck hands

Keep below the boom!

Time enough for a tea

Going about


Fishing Smack


No safety net!

Evening Light

River tug

Another tug


Buoy layer

Dead tree

Closing up

Good balance

The fleet

Into the sunset

Back that evening