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JULY 20th 2010, the variety of "diversity" was amazing!    Click to enlarge photo; "back" to return. 

Brighton Station

Blue Thai Cafe

Workers Terrace near the Lanes

Get a hat

Buy a Wigwam?


Family Lunches

Super Graffiti

"It was so high"


At the Cafe Delice

Cafe Delice

Hanging Out

Library Lights

Why thank you!

Locked up!


The Camera Club at work

 Royal Pavilion


Buying Bling on the pier

The Future foretold

Don't Jump!

Taking a fag break

A day out from Brixton

A cooling ice cream

Do they take turns in the invalid chair?


Hindu Ladies in conference

Shades of Pink

Pass on by

Georgian Square

On the pull


Rough Sleepers

Stylish Gate

She won a doll

Not overweight


I'm glad I bumped into you

Looks French to me

Seafront Image

Chips for lunch

Bucking Bronco, 30 seconds remaining on wins a prize

Something different for lunch.


Brighton Seafront

My tattoo itches!

Divers salvaging a canon

Deckchairs (been done before)

Boat Garden on the beach


Proud lad and cows

Three Muslim ladies and one man

Would you like a magic hotdog? NB hand and hat

Distinctive Ammonite Capitals

 Tattoo Parlour

Ceremonial Hat in hair salon window

Lobster at sea food stall

Boat as a seat

"A World of Food" street