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Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory

24 Nov 2011


An RPS visit organised to the establishment that used to be Aldermaston. Contains the UKs national synchrotron accelerator.

Volunteer at Didcot Railway Centre

Didcot Parkway

Railway ballast Tamper Train

Pub Diner

Radio Antenna Model

Discharge in a vacuum

Initial Briefing


A BIG lens


Atom Tree, 50year Memorial

Spring Diaphragms

Coolth on tap


Vulcan Target Guide

Radio Telescope Arial (antenna)

Joke Reflected

Wound Copper Wire

Young Visitors


Copper Connectors Dancing

Cryogenics Guide

"Gold"  Block

Secret Weapon?


Control Centre

One metre mirror

Laser Glasses

Door to Vulcan Target


Two photographers

Control Centre supplies

New Experiment

Control Centre, doughnuts under the black plastic

Part of Cryostat for Atacama Array

Finished Cryostat, cools to 4 K

Another Cryostat part

Diamond Light Building


What is it?

Port Hole

The Plan

Optical Shield

Today's State