25th JULY 2010

HOME Dacorum 2

Glamorous Drivers?

Looks good.

Lined up ready toroll.

I think it is lit.

Femme Fatal

We're off.

Talking to a passing driver.

It feels so soft!

Looks like there is enough steam pressure


A short pause

We will just wait

Fire and Rescue cut people out

Door off first

Whole top off.

American classic.

Flowers for sale

Where has my chauffeur got to?

Toot toot

Tricycle Motorbike

I'm off!

Manual steam whistles.


Inflatable slide

Couple plus dog

Another model


Clydesdale in show rig

Ready to pull logs

Plain Amish rig

Getting steam up.

Couldn't fall flat on his face

We're off.

Pause in the battle


Needs to be cranked fast!