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Lifeboat Society trip to Southend 9th August 2012 (a break from the Olympics)

The Lift to the High Street

Toot toot!

Pier Station Bench

Management Conference

Adopt a Plank!

Fire Hydrant

Move along the pier

The Sun Deck is Open

Thames Pilot going out

RNLI Volunteers in a Queue

Deflated crew member

Trip members resting

Spiral Staircase in the Control Tower

Tying on a hook

   Learner Driver                (Steve and Capt Brian Wood)

Parade of Lamps

Is rain coming?

Turnstone on the pier, waiting for the mud flats to appear

Towards the Shore, 1.33miles away

Seat with ships wheel decoration

"Kingswear Castle" paddle steamer. Now oil driven

Approaching the pier

Tying up

New Pier Cafe side windows

Waiting for a bite

To the lower deck landing point

Yellow Lichen

Hopefully a redundant joint!

Steve looking for a fresh angle

Diesel train coming

A red belt

 A mile long (no Munch "Scream"!)

Walking along the crack

Texting as you walk

Getting a tan

He's behind you!

Fire Hydrant


Bird Spot

More water supply

Artistic frame

Framed again

Fairground ride

Further along the track

Safety Injunction on new inshore lifeboat house building site

So tired

Fairground ride for toddlers and Grandparents

Over the wall

Dominant Palace Hotel with turret.

Walkway looms

More snaps but no players

Georgian, Royal Terrace


Typical House


Scruffy rear view

Side Door

Padlocked Mail Boxes

Cliff Steps

Funicular track

Street Light


Queen Empress

Esplanade Shelter



Wooden Mushrooms


Horse and foal

Keep fit with snooker?

Wigs for sale

Chintzy shop

Kool Kids Klub

Clifton Mews

Clifton Mews

Marble Table in Ice Cream Parlour

Long view of the pier

Waiting outside the Ice Cream Parlour

Having a shout

High Street Cafe

Helter Skelter

Waiting for the drop.

A foot (in Tattoo Parlour)

Marine Parade attraction

Speed boat long shot

"Speed of Light"

Family day trip



Seats on a ride