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Desert Hut, NB TV aerial

Desert Village

Farm and Government Loo with solar panel roof

Llama Train dressed up

Wayside Cafe

Grass after some rain

High and hot, but lingering snow in the shadow

Mixed flock in wet area alpaca and vicuna

Cliff Graves

Wayside stall

Cliff Tomb

Trader with amplified adverts

Rice Paddy

Yauca Olive Groves


Mission Station

Police Post

Young Corn

Mission Market

Lunch Stop

The Cordillera Oriental foothills of the Andes

Tyre Shop

Votive Puis (Pooees) like throwing coins into a well

Alpaca Herder

Claims marked out, "in case"

A dry garden

A gulch with pyroclastic fallout showing white

"Wild" Vicunas

"Wild" Llamas

Pyroclastic flow layers from volcanic action

Lonely Farm

Squatters House but who owns the land?

Construction with mud bricks, adobe, while living in a Plastic "Tent"

Fiesta but we didn't stop


More Textiles

Field with irrigation 

Longer View of a Farm 

Another Weaver

Farm girl and gate


Indian Farmhouse

Farmer and young Alpaca

 Cooking native potatoes

Farmer with "spade" or foot plough

Farm interior plus meat supply (guinea pigs)

One man band

Home made tools

Farm boys

Farm Oven


Young farm boy

Red legged cormorants


Boobies Roosting

Seal Harem

Inca Terns

Female seal

Loading Deck


Exhausted Guano Mine

Seal pup

Sillustani Burial Tower


Thousand year candela?

Burial Tower Construction

Irrigation System and cattle eating water weed

Cabana Indians and tame vicuna

Indian kids playing

Lake Ayumara

Sillustani Burial Towers

Airport Terminal

Our Plane



Aqueduct inspection pits

Hands, part of Nasca Lines


Desert Road

Sand Dunes

Huachina Oasis

Holiday Let

Oasis Court and Huarango Trees with roots that reach to a great depth

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