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Our hotel Casa Andina

Maca Church 

All gold and mirrors

Side altar to impress the Indians

School Children dancing for the tourists

Village Square

Bus stop

Mother and Child

Selling Embroidery

Village bakery

Collecting donations

Indoor Market

Farm Bedroom

Local Farmyard


Market stall

Colca Canyon

Ice Falls

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

Ice fall

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

Our Hotel

Packhorse Bridge

Colca Cross "Police"


Typical Cactus


Citadel Ollantaytambo

Close fitted wall

Inca Water supply

Village below Ollantaytambo

Town Gate

Graves on cliff face

Street Scene


Cock fight

Village pub with home brew

Saloon bar

Street Scene

Ollantaytambo today

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