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Old front Doors

Doorway Shop

Another doorway


    Edilberta Merida Studio          Oa!

Sandwich Bar

"Not for sale, under litigation"


Courtyard Shop

Spanish Colonial Houses

Usual Traffic convoy

Cheaper than hiring a lorry

Secure Door

Railway Memorial

Fountain of the Sun God, Viracocha

Shops in poorer area

Quenon Cave Entrance

Sacsayhuama Temple

Art Gallery

Hostel Frankenstein

Jorge at Water Temple Tambomachay

Double protection for the house, Christian and Pagan

Pseudo Tram for site seeing tours

Dilapidated Colonial Building

Inca Street

Inca alley

Roofs of Cuzco


Inca Street with sewerage gutter


Inca Street Drain filled in

More Steps, Cusco is on hills

Palace of Justice

Convent built on Inca Foundations

Plaza de Armas

Dentist, Massage, Cafe

Splendid Fountain


Barrios Cuzco

Cathedral and Taxi Convoy forbidden to park

In the Museum Pre-Colombian Art

Courtyard Cafe in MAP museum

Museum of Pre Colombian Culture

Temple of the Sun, Viracocha

Memorial to Pachacuteq

Through a doorway

Barrios Cuzco

Wayside salesmen

Church door and beggar

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