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A family walk to see the St Albans Mummers on 26th December 2017

Sandpit Lane Fence

A Snicket

St Peters

Catherine Street


The Doctor and Father Xmas

St George and Turkish Knight

Father Xmas, The Doctor and St George

St George fights the Dragon

St George fights the Dragon

The Doctor

The Giant

The Dragon

St Albans Abbey West Front

The Side View

The Abbey Orchard

Bright low light

A Trunk

The Fighting Cocks

The Fighting Cocks


River Ver

Abbey Mill Lane

Long View

George Street

Topiary Ostrich...

and chick

The Straw House, Serviced Apartments

Spicer Street

The Grapes

College Street

Urban Good Luck Fetish

Lower Dagnall Street

Decorative Wall

"Bleak House", Folly Lane

Grange Street Surgery