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A few snaps of the Poppy Day Service 12th November 2017. Low light and shadows did not help photography

The Crowd in front of the War Memorial. Unfortunately the the clock did not strike 11am and it was unexpectedly really cold.

A TA Soldier

Standard Bearers.

A short Army Cadet

St Peters Vicar

The Mayor

Lord Lieutenant

A RN Lt Commander



Our MP, Anne Main

Police Chief

The Mayors Chaplain


British Legion Standard

She knew it would be cold!

A Rabbi

Naval Officers

Lady Verulam

The Press Photographer

Disabled plus bandy dog

Mace Bearer

Leading off to the Saluting Standl

Reg, the St Peters Verger in Full Dress

Old Soldiers

Sea Cadets

More Veterans

Royal Marine Cadets

Cold Adult Scout Leaders

RAF Cadets

Herts and Beds Yeomanry TA