Woolwich Arsenal

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Walk by Gang of Four less Steve around Woolwich 15th June 2018

Our route Marked in red

Woolwich Arsenal Railway Station

Woolwich has a new town centre square overlooked by a futuristic development of flats above a giant Tesco. 

Royal Arsenal Riverside, the Berkeley Homes £1.2 billion development of the Arsenal site is bringing 5,000 new homes to the area, some in converted heritage buildings, others in new riverside towers. 

The Tesco Store

Gateway to Woolwich Market

Line ahead

Sparrow interloper

What are you doing?

Dodging past

Fruit Stalls in the market

More stalls

All in Blue

Blue and Red

Clothes Market

Aubergines or...


Beresford Gate, 1829, now separated from the Arsenal by a road

The "Old Gun Pit" pub

Flags for the soccer World Cup?

Three Somalis with coffee for Eid?

Drinking Trough

African Take Away

Sparkly Sandals


Need Cash?

Small Somalis

In the Pink

"Vaping Joint"

It was "The Shakespeare" pub

Roof Decoration


Ice Cream stop

Smart shoe

Just what you need




On Phase Three



Big Girls

A selfie

On the phone

In 1886, a group of workers started a football club in Dial Square in the Arsenal. The club soon adopted the name Woolwich Arsenal and even though it moved to Highbury in 1913 and long ago dropped Woolwich from its name, fans today still call Arsenal the “Gunners”


RACS Old HQ on Powis Street

RACS Motto on building left

In 1868 workers founded the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society which eventually owned farms, bakeries and housing estates as well as shops. A statue of one of the society’s founders, Alexander McLeod, stands above its listed Edwardian Central Store in Powis Street,  with its motto: “Each for all and all for each”.

Helen and a Big Gun in "Riverside"

RACS old Central Store

Alexander McLeod on the RACS old Central Store

More Somalis now Ramadan has ended

Juice Bar

Shop back

A chat

Old Cannon in "Riverside"

First Choice Cafe

Do they sell Ice Cream?

Polar Bear

To Let




Bagel Boss

Signs to anywhere

Woolwich Foot Tunnel entrance, but the stairs were closed off

Woolwich Free Ferry

Loading up

Ferries Swapping sided

A plane bound for London City Airport

The Royal Brass Foundry

"The Assembly" by Peter Burke

and again

A Naval Gun

The Weather Vane on the Royal Brass Foundry


Royal Military Academy Cadets pictured on the Heritage Centre

"Gardening" for a photo

The original Royal Military Academy, the Heritage Centre is to the right

The "Dial Arch" pub for lunch

The Dial Arch now the Young's Pub called after it

Its front door


"The Guard House" now another Pub

Guard dogs

The restored Royal Academy Turret Clock

Riverside Development flats each with the same balcony furniture

Not too much privacy

Royal Purple

Not "Rummy" but happy to pose

Shops and the "African Bus Stop"

Quality Meat

A "Rock of Ages" Church

Afro Caribbean Takeaway


A representation of " The Great Harry" in front of the covered market

A rolling ball clock in the Heritage Centre which seemed underfunded

"Twentieth Century" Embroidery

Tudor Times


A convict who provided free labour

A Canon Pendulum




What are you doing? (He asked to be snapped)

Tesco Again

At Woolwich Arsenal Station where we caught a train which went all the way to Luton. Unfortunately they made it an "all stations" after London.

When Crossrail is open and the flats are occupied old Woolwich will die


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