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Wednesday 18th April  2012 Probu

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Wednesday 1st May 2012 walk to Rotherhithe and Wapping

Map of Pool of London

Canada Water Library

The Angel, Rotherhithe


A cyclist made from steel leaves


Hiding from our cameras inside a rolling hoarding

A White House opposite

New Crane Wharf

Canary Wharf Beyond


A Back Alley


River Police station


A Statue Stolen the seat remains

The sole survivor of riverside houses by the King's Stairs

Back Alley

A preserved Crane

Three Photographers.

  The "Pilgrim Fathers" left from Rotherhithe

The Mayflower Pub

Storage Building Window


Scaffolder posing

Booths Inside the Mayflower

Reviewing Photos

Window sill

A new meaning for "Table top"

The result, fellow diners

How the tunnel was dug (possibly)

The Scaffolders' Lunch break

Model of the Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash

Preserved dock electric priming pump

A passer by

Refurbished Station

Ticket Hall

Overground train

The train Arrives

Marc Brunel's Tunnel reused by the Overground

Under the river walkway

Drain Outfall

Warehouse "loft" properties

Out for a smoke & joggers

Wind pump

The Prospect of Whitby

The Dining Room

Clearing up

Bull's eye window

River Balcony plus noose

Balanced Lifting Bridge

Lifting Bridge

Shadwell Basin

Tyres as fenders


River Walkway

No fear from them!

Dock entrance


River watcher

Old Warehouses

Tourist Boat

River Police

Loft Conversions



Boys' Door

Charity School

Terracotta Guard

Luxury Flats

Floating Homes

The Shard, City Hall, Tower Bridge

Bermondsey Wall

 Engraved Mirror plus watchers

Tower Bridge

River wall

St Katharine's Dock

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