Walk in Greenwich 19th March 201


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A coach trip to Greenwich 21st August 2013 with St Albans Branch RNLI  arranged by Brian 

 Helen's Greenwich Map

Cafe Rouge for Coffee before we walked

Phone Boxes looking clean and bright

St Alfege's Church

Angels in stone

Foot Tunnel Entrance and water panels.

A Detail

The Cutty Sark

The Alley leading to the Market

Wild Flowers and prairie planting

The Cutty Sark front view

Black headed Gull in winter plumage

River Cruise



Side of the Enclosure


Mural of the Quayside, the cat jumps as you move past

Roof of the Enclosure

Side of the Enclosure with reflections

Stern of the Cutty Sark

 A Model in full sail

View across the river


This bell was stolen around 1903 when the ship was under the Portuguese flag by an officer who had once served on the Cutty Sark. The Portuguese crew then stole the bell of the near bye barque Shakespeare. When the Cutty Sark was bought by Capt Dowman the culprit returned the original bell in exchange for the Shakespeare's bell.

Porthole with view of the quay

The other side of the ship view

Typical stores for the ship


Companion Way

The Heads, they empty straight overboard

Bales of Australian Wool. Wool succeeded tea.

In 1872 Cutty Sark left London with 30 men, the master, first, second and third mates, a cook a steward and a sailmaker, 19 able seamen, three ordinary seamen and one apprentice. This was a typical crew for her tea clipper years. However, with slower journeys for the wool trade fewer men were needed. In1890 she left London with just 19 men in total, including 9 seamen and 3 apprentices. Many sailors took the free passage to Australia. In 1878 15 Able Seamen deserted to be replaced by expensive Australians.   Of 682 men who sailed on Cutty Sark only 5 were lost at sea.

Fancy stair treads


Oilskins Locker


Matchstick Parquetry

Bunk beds

Buckets for deck scrubbing or Fire Buckets?

The highly geared wheel or Helm



The Officers Mess

Art in the Sammy Ofer Gallery

Underside, brass covered to prevent growths thus slowing the ship

Plastic Hats

The Prow (one)

The Prow (two)

The Prow (three)

Red Indian

Sammy Ofer Art Gallery

Dusky Queen


Lunch Stop, 6 for Main course and a drink!

Kids' Entertainment in the Market


Market Sign

Acrylic Clocks

Bow ties, Wednesday is Craft Day in the Market

Leather hand crafted items

Bags in many colours

How much is that one!

Pandas and others

Felt purses

Scarves and Throws




Lurking, camera shy?

Curry Stall

Melons carved

The Knitting Baker


Pina Coladas

University Library

University Door

Too many tomatoes

Visiting Photographers


Triumphal pediment

Detail of Nelson and Britannia

A massive corridor

National Maritime Museum

Souvenir Photo!


Greek Warrior

Old Royal Barge



Three Lions on each side


Paddle wheeled Tug

The Tug's single cylinder steam engine


Press Gangster?

The Pool of London model


A Huge Propeller

Lighthouse Lamp shines only through one face at a time.

Ugly lad (I think)

That way, no this!

Window Blind from India

Indian Veil etc

Tippoo Sahib riding on a Roc

Japanese Scroll, could the fire be caused by a British gunboat?


Exact model as a record

Landing party, marines in the centre

Sea Battle

Wooden Cod

Sailor with a pistol

The Queens House

A detail

A view through to Canary Warf

Spiral Staircase in Queens House

Modern Seascape

A Settee

Royal Naval Hospital

Self Portrait

Modern Sea Battle

Fed up with waiting

Entrance through the basement

View with bus

Clean feet


London Home