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A walk round  St James Park to Piccadilly and Green Park 8th June 2013

Map of the walk

Chindit Memorial by the Ministry of Defence

Wagonette heading for the Mall

We were in St James Park!

A goose in St James Park


Camouflaged Squirrel

"Africa" on the Foreign Office Building on Whitehall

Distant Roofs of Whitehall


Americans in the Park

Ready to travel

The Mall

Stopping the traffic

Welsh Guards Band taking part in the Changing of the Guard at St James Palace

Queen Alexandra Memorial

 A spectator

St James Palace, Coldstream Guards sentries

Taken with a long lens!

Berry Bros & Rudd (ex Texas Legation)

Coffee House Sign on a Wine Merchants?

To Pickering Place with remains of Real Tennis Court visible

Michael entering the Square, the site of the last recorded duel to the death.

The Square

The first Rudd perhaps??

Pointing at ...

A wine seller

Texas Legation memorial


Pickering Place offers a glimpse of a bygone age. The site was at one time part of the medieval, maidens' leper colony of St Stephen's. Later  Henry VIII's tennis court occupied much of 3 St James's Street and part of  it, built in 1531, can be viewed whilst walking down the passage from St James's Street to the Pickering Place.   The present square was built by the Rudd family back in 1734 and comprised the four houses still standing. At that time Pickering Place was given over to sports such as dog-fighting, bearbaiting, cock-fighting and bare knuckle boxing. Before the close of the 18th century the final duel with swords was fought to the death inside the perimeter of the square and a further duel was fought with pistols as late as the middle of the 19th century.

Cigar Sellers  in St James Street

A hat shop photographed

Cigar Shop Indian

Thai Embassy Star Jumper

Piccadilly Arcade off Jermyn Street

Men's Toiletry  for sale

Turnbull & Asser of Jermyn Street

Bates Hat Shop

Hot feet seek relief

We visited Cafe Nero, adjacent to St James Church, for Lunch

Beau Brummell

A shopper in Jermyn Street

Cafe Nero Decoration

Hat Shop opposite Cafe Nero 

St James' Piccadilly

The font in St James

Written prayers and candles

Peep oh!

"Churros" to eat in Piccadilly Market in St James Churchyard off Piccadilly

Printing Block


Perfumes window

Decorated plates stall

and  eating behind it

Metal Signs for sale

Sore feet again

A broad canvas in the RA

Sir Joshua Reynolds who founded the Royal Academy of Art

and below him and around

Burlington Arcade

Shoe Shine man

Bus stop art critics outside on Piccadilly

Ian Hislop Moonlighting

Rolex for thousands of pounds each


Handmade Shoes

What use has this?



Plastic Lips for ......?


A "Chanel YSL" Fan

Fortnum & Mason's Clock on Piccadilly

A traveller

Expensive "Bling" at Graff

Elderly Japanese?

Note signs within the sign

Edward Shepherd, developer

Thomas Audley, instrument of Henry VIII

Professional Photo shoot

Modest Bride


A threesome: Roosevelt, Churchill and a friend

Pussycat "Bling"


Silver Jug

Re-ordering perhaps

Flower decked doorway.

Juice Drinkers

Saudi Embassy

"I am the only Running Footman" pub, can it be 18C?

Straw hats are "in" in Shepherds Market

Bookworm in the sun

Eating in the street

Outdoor dining

Car Side Window Reflection

Kings Arms, Shepherds Market, on land where the original May Fair was held

Polish-Mexican Bistro 

"Ye Grapes" Shepherds Market

An expensive haircut

Shepherds Tavern

Underpass Decoration of the Duke of Wellington

Park Lane Hilton

More Party Goers

A Pilot Showing the Strain

Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park

Have they been to the Royal Garden Party?

Parkview reflection


New Zealand War Memorial

Art Glass


Best possible taste!

Ukrainian Cathedral, South Audley Street

It was out of order!

General Eisenhower in Grosvenor Square

The Hubble-Bubbles (Shisha) are chained to the tables on Oxford Street

Eyes Down



Oh You Never!

Oh Yes?

Nancy who? Never heard of her!!

Keeping an eye on them!

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