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A Gang of Four walk from Piccadilly to Holborn via the Royal Institution on 17th Jan 2020 on a cold, damp and grey day.

My Location Log of the walk

Piccadilly Circus

A Model

Air Street off Jermyn Street


Floris' perfumes

Whose arms?


25 Jermyn Street

Bicycle Pumping Station

Princes Arcade

DPD delivers

The Albany

Hunting Pink

Lynn Chadwick's "King and Queen"

Fortnum and Mason's Clock


Street Art on a bus

Wooden Pillar box 1810? predates the iron one of 1852

Annenberg Courtyard, Royal Academy of Art

Wooden prototype K2 Telephone box 1926

Burlington Arcade

Silver Teapot

Piccadilly Arcade

Silver Snipe


Happy Lion

Christmas Decorations

Jewellers' Workshop

Layer Art

Salon de the

The Goat Tavern for Coffee

Engraved Mirror

Edward Hyde first Earl of Clarendon

Ceiling Map of Soho

Helen plus Goats

The sign

Albermarle Arcade


Green reflection

Brown's Hotel

Cartier Jeweller

Bundled up

The Royal Institution Foyer, founded 1799. It was where Faraday worked for many years

Periodic Table plus Tom Lehrer song in the Faraday Museum

Lawrence Bragg

See next door >>>>

William Bragg's spectrometer

Look Next door >>>>

Magnetic Coil >>>>

Faraday's Lab

Dewar's Vacuum Flask


Crystal Ball

Three Wise Men


Vacuum Discharge Tube

Street Decoration

Talking behind her back

President Roosevelt

Little Red Riding Hood puppets

Hublot watch

The Wolf's Picnic

A detail

Real Jewels!

A bit much?

A Huge sapphire

Michael Portillo's Tailor

Cartier Again

The back of the Royal Academy

Burlington Gardens

Ede and Ravenscroft

The hidden Albany estate. I was stopped from photographing through an open door

Regent Street

Bridge of Sighs?



What are they selling?

Nail Bar

The Duke of Argyll, Brewer Street, for Lunch

A Private Booth

The gang

The Pub "Library"


Oriel Window

Street Art

A Soho Corner

A Poster

Games Shop?

Three Greyhounds pub

Tattoo Skeleton

The edge of China Town

Hoovering the street

Seven Dials

Moroccan restaurant


Towards Neale's Yard

 Neale's Yard


Wow Retro

It had rained!

Monty Python lived here!


The Ship

Ship Alley

Back to High Holborn

Traffic Cones

Fairy Tailor


Old Entrance

Fresh Fruit


Pearl Assurance now Rosewood Hotel


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