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A Naturetrek Holiday led by Philip Thompson seeking butterflies on Mount Chelmos and Mount Parnassus south and north of the Gulf of Corinth from 21st June to 28th June 2015. Chelmos is also called Helmos and (on the maps)Aroania. See   for tour report.

I have started to name my photos and with help and correction I hope to get them right in the end!  I may have snapped a very rare butterfly!! This is a selection from the 1000 photos I took.!

DAY1-2: 21-22 June London- Athens- Kalavrita then Mount Chelmos on Monday

We were up at 3 for the taxi at 4 and reached Heathrow at 4:30 for the check-in at 5. Best timing ever. We boarded at 6:15 for a take off at 7 and landed on schedule at 12:20. We were on the minibus by 13:30, due to delays at Hertz, for the trip to Kalavrita

Heathrow Terminal Five

Bag Drops etc

Had she waited all night?

Our Plane at Heathrow

The Olympic Rings at Athens Airport near where we waited for our mini bus to be found

We drove along the coast of the Gulf of Corinth to Kalavrita passing the Corinth Canal.

A house skeleton, one of many unfinished houses around the countryside

Just before we turned off the E65 inland along twisting roads to Kalavrita, 758m, in the mountains

Helen snaps our hotel room

Left out of the hotel window

Right out of the hotel window


The Town Square early on the 22nd, a mini church in the foreground

A Hero Priest

Filoxenia Hotel, Kalavrita

Mount Chelmos on satellite 2355m

First day, Phil took us on a 7am walk south of Kalavrita but there was not much about, was it too cold?


A neglected house on the walk south


Early morning, rough pasture and a wild cherry tree

The River Vordais south of Kalavrita

 A Black Beetle

Beautiful  demoiselle

White Featherleg on the rusty iron bridge

Beautiful  demoiselle


Wild Hollyhock


An untidy Small Holding


Ready for the off, by minibus, from outside our hotel

Some of all the 696 males in the town who were executed as a reprisal by the occupying Germans in 1943

Meadow Brown

War Memorial to the Kalavrita Massacre

Some of the graves

Common Blue


A Caterpillar

Female Blue

Southern  Small White

Overlooking Kalavrita

Common Carpet moth?

Black veined white

Balkan Marbled White

Balkan marbled White

Wavy Barred Sable

Campanula Andrewsii

Red Helleborine

Rock Roses

Beehives were everywhere,  honey for sale is a major industry

Chicory and Hawkweeds

Pyramid Orchid

Large Centipede

Crepis Rubra

Bee fly: Anthrax anthrax

Wasp nest

Shield bug


Purple Carpenter Bee

Hornet fly


We had intended to look high up on Mount Chelmos but as it was relatively cold with low cloud we stayed lower down.

Grecian Copper



Consolida hispanica ajacis

Iolas Blue

Mating common Blues

Rose Chafer

Ilex Hairstreak

The Vouraikos River, not the Styx which is nearby!

Southern Small White

Small Skipper

Scotch? Burnet 

Broad Bordered White Underwing

Morina Persica

Lathyrus Grandiflora

Lunch Stop at Souvardhos village

Phil prepares picnic lunch, Brian and Beth wait

Did they walk off barefoot?

A small farmhouse


Adonis Blue


Looking over the trees

The goats keep the scrub down

White letter Hairstreak

Rose banded Wave Moth

Campanula Andrewsii

Convolvulus Althaeiodes

Balkan Clouded Yellow

Small Skipper

Phyllomorpha lacerata (a Shield Bug)

Black and Orange Spider

Potter Wasp Nests

Potter Wasp or its parasite

Large Tortoiseshell 

Wall Lizard peeps out

Silky Wave Moth?

 Slope yellow with flowers

Day 3