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DAY7: 27th June, Delphi,Central Plain, Athens and home  

We were due to fly out in the evening and so had a day to continue our butterfly hunting.

 P.S. Only the Anglo Saxons spell it "Delphi"!

The Lower Delfi site, the Temple of Athena


Looking back at the upper site


Western Rock Nuthatch

A souvenir portrait

and lots of "selfies"

An idea of what it was like in its prime

Ready for reconstruction?

Mountain opposite with a steep path.

Looking down on the lower site.

Large White

Southern White Admiral



A sink hole on Mount Parnassus we visited

Clouded Yellow

Black veined white

Edge of the sink hole


Clouded Yellow taking off


Painted Lady


Gaily painted Beehives

Sheepish or goatish Road Block

Tattered Painted Lady


Marbled Fritillary


Niobe Fritillary

Lulworth Skipper



Hummingbird Hawk Moth

A gully very attractive to butterflies and moths because of the valerian

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Black veined White


A Wayside Church

The Orchomenos Village Church where we stopped for lunch, half way to Athens

Sunday Lunchers at our taverna

Our final lunch together

We had a reasonable flight back arriving 5 minutes late and, after some confusion about where our taxi was, arrived home about 11:00pm

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