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Brooklands Clubhouse

Speed Records achieved here

A window Sunbeam Cafe

The Ladies Room in the Club House

The Snooker Room

The Club House Private Bar

Clerk of the Course mock-up

MG Sports car

Morgan 3 Wheel Jap M/C engine

Lagonda Grand Turismo?

Napier Tourer

Pratt's Petrol  "Pagoda"

Aston Martin early Racing Car

Oil Dispenser

T&I Cooper Climax

Jaguar Engine

Jordan Honda Formula One car

Lorraine Dietrich "Vieux Charles III" dated 1912

Ceiling Decoration

Teddy Bear Award

Sir Malcolm Campbell

1936 Lagonda LG 45 Bonnet & spectacles

Peugeot Grand Sport 1934

Jap Engine

Alfa Romeo

Acetylene Head Lamp

Spring Assembly


Cockpit of rear engined BMW

So wide

"Ultimate" Racing Bike

C5 Electric "car"


Early Racing Motorbike

Cycling Bloomers

Vee Twin Motorcycle


Gate Gear Change

BAC 1-11

Expert Advice


Concord G-BBDG

Flight Engineer's Control Panel

Would-be Pilots


Sultan of Oman's bed on VC10

Sultan's Lounge

VC10 Flightdeck Controls

Vanguard Turboprop

1875 Knife board Horse Omnibus

1890 Garden Seat Horse Omnibus

1924 Leyland LB5 Chocolate Express

1952 AEC Regent


1925 Dennis 4-ton bus D142

1953 Guy Special country bus GS34

Vickers Vanguard

Hand pumped petrol

Bleriot Replica


Bleriot Replica

 Biplane Sopwith Pup

Bleriot Replica

 Vickers Scout Experimental 5 1918

Vickers Vimy twin engined biplane

Inside a Wellington Bomber

Hawker Hunter

Large Bomb

Remains of Original Racetrack

BAC1-11 rear door

Electric Bluebird holder of Electric Land speed record

Repair shed

Radial Engine, Bristol Pegasus

Wind Tunnel

Concord Simulator lands at Heath Row

Concord Simulator lands at  Heath Row

Engine Supercharger

Smoothing a wooden propeller

Concord undercarriage

Cutaway of Rolls Royce Tyne jet engine

Bentley Bonnet 4.5 Litre 1920

Self portrait