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                      We stayed at The Barn, Warcop, as guests of Owen And Alex 2-5th July 2013


2nd July 2013.

We set off for the north at 10:00 and stopped for lunch on the motorway about 12:00 then, arriving an hour earlier than expected, we decided to visit Larch Cottage Nursery north west of Appleby.  It has expanded and the prices have risen but it is still a fascinating place to visit.

We arrived at 16:00 at The Barn, and were welcomed by Alex and Owen

Bronze Fountain Larch Cottage Nursery

 A lurking lion

Bird Scarer or ornament

Looking at the Japanese area

A cow eating ivy on our evening stroll through Warcop.

The Bridge at Eden Gate

Panorama west of Warcop

Looking down on the Eden River

Map of walk on 3rd July

3rd July

Owen & Alex took us on a gentle walk, starting at Smardale Hall going along the disused railway across the Smardale Gill Viaduct and then following the valley south to Ravenstonedale for lunch at the Kings Head Hotel and back on the other side of the valley. See the red dotted line on the map alongside

Mirror in the Living Room of The Barn

Smardale Hall, a farm fortified against marauding Scots.

Settle to Carlisle Line passes over one and near another disused railway line

Drystone wall with sedum flowering on it.

Early Purple Orchid beside the path

Other Walkers (Pretty Young Things)

Rock Roses on the Smardale Gill Viaduct

Spotted Orchids

Scandal Beck

Smardale Bridge

Scandal Beck


A pretty Cottage Garden

Kings Head Hotel, Ravenstonedale for lunch

Monkey Musks growing in the Scandal Beck by the hotel

A converted Barn

Over the style

Scandal Beck


Twisted Hawthorn tree

Disused Quarry Face

Lime Kilns

Railway Cottages now an owl habitat

Bloody Cranesbills

Smardale Gill Viaduct

Arch on Settle to Carlisle Railway

Fisherman on the Eden at Great Musgrave

Tree in Grounds of St Theobalds in Great Musgrave

Fields where wild flowers are encouraged

 St Theobald's Great Musgrave

Owen contemplates in St Theobald's

Wild Flower Meadows

 A distant Oyster Catcher in wildflower meadow

Evening Light on trees seen from The Barn

An evening of Bridge with the Cullens getting amazingly good cards and winning

4th July

First thing it was raining so we decided to visit the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle with its 3500 items and, at the moment, an Exhibition of Tim Walker's weird Dreamscape pictures backlit in a darkened exhibition room.


The Bowes Museum was copied in style from a French Chateau.

The Gang mirrored on the staircase

Napoleon reflected

Music Room

Clothes and foundation garments

Collected Arch, Roman style

A Frolic in Porcelain

Dining Room

Ghostly reflection


Wasp Waist

Self Portrait



Wooden (I think) Bas Relief

An angry Old Man

The famous 18th Century Automaton Silver Swan


A lady in charge:  Anne van Weluwe (c.1528–1561)

Wooden  carved reredos of the Crucifixion

Transparent Chairs

Fruit and Flowers by Henri Fantin- Latour

Stained Glass window

Pipe Smoker: self portrait by Hyacinth Florentin Lepesqueur

Bust of Louis Fontanes (1757-1821)

A very self satisfied Cat

Large English Jardinière

General Graf Von Molke

Toothpick holder

Model Stationary Steam Engine

Tiled Bird

Flying Saucer

The picture on the left, copied from the web, was the only one of Tim Walker's photos that we could not see how it had been done. Is the Saucer cut out and stuck on?

We did not photograph in the exhibition.

Gates Shut


We returned home for lunch and, as the weather had improved, went for a circular walk from Dufton over the moorland, see the map in next frame

Map of the second walk

Owen leads the way

Mother and Daughter


Bracket Fungus

Two Trees

Great Dun Fell disused mine at the far end

Disused Silver Mine entrance

Startled sheep

Great Rundale Beck

A long straight wall

The Girls

Narrow Bridge




A barn

Great Rundale Beck

St Cuthbert's Church, Knock

Evening Light seen from The Barn

The hay has been cut behind The Barn

We arrived back at the Barn and after supper played bridge and this time  Alex & Owen had good hands, justice perhaps, and won everything.

The Barn, Kennel Garth

5th July

We set off about 09:30 and had a trouble free run home where Sammy and Freddy seemed pleased to see us. The Lingrens had had to dispose of a dead pigeon during their cat sitting!  This was a very pleasant break in Cumbria