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DAY3: 15th April  San Marco, Castello and I Frari

 Map of Venice, NB the Co-Ops

I like the various street lights (and snapped quite a few)...

.....and old shop signs

Most tourists get lost due to so many narrow passages and few signs

A Carnival Mask

Waiting for custom

Above the Basilica Doorway

Masks for sale

In Campo San Zaccaria


Chiesa di San Zaccaria and....

...the saint himself

The Greek Consulate

A new meaning to bending over backwards

 A statue by Vaporetto stop 7 on the Riva

Hold it in

Some bell pushes are pretty ornate


A Police Station and Boat


The Naval Museum in La Tana was shut

Clothes dryer and dog

Beer delivery

The Arsenale Gate where, at one point, 200 firms produced a Galley each day. Some of the stone Lions were looted from  Constantinople


Some always smiling buskers

Arsenale Gate

The Arsenale Gate

A fine moustache

An Artists Quarter

Red and Green

This Campanile is really leaning


Haggling? Shot from below.

Keeping out of the shot

Behind the Doge's Palace

Stereotypical Glass Jewish figures

Kosher Wine?

Campo San Giocometto

The Venetians are proud to have invented the 24hr clock

Why is he hiding under the steps?

Preparing Artichokes for Rialto Market

 A Light or perhaps a Sign?

The Grand Canal by the Rialto

His perch


Fighting over fish scraps in the Fish Market after closure

Grand Canal

 Calle Bella Pace shop

Not a photophile

Campo San Polo

Whose head?

Fag Break

Rio Rio dei Terra Nomboli

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

The Chapter Room in Scuolo Grande San Rocco

Scuolo Grande San Rocco

The dim light and spot lights did not help photography


The wood carving and paintings are superb

The Chapter Room

Admiring the ceiling

Silver and Silver Gilt

The Treasury

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari


A dog?

Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo and....

.....a detail

In the Giardini  Papadopoli a rare patch of green

Pietro Paleocapa

Ponte dei Scalzi

The Sun Inn


A letter box?


There had been a degree ceremony and the students with good degrees wore laurel wreaths


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