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A PROBUS trip on the Thames Barge "Hydrogen" sailing from Maldon Essex 11th July 2017   Maldon 2011

Map of Maldon

Walking from the "Promenade Car Park" to Hythe Quay

Mosaic alcove.

We were not boarding the barge for a hour and so explored the Quay area

Hythe Quay

Barge "Kitty" crew relaxing

School children visiting the Quay

A Primary school at rest


The Jolly Sailor pub

Notices on a shed

Looking along the Quay

A sailor's house

Ship Lap or Weather board cladding

Muslim visitors welcomed

Towards the town

North Street towards the river

In a window

Chelmer Terrace

Bow Window

Strange garden

Boat builder

Burnt Out

Topaz reflection

Scraping her bottom

Floating Dock

"Red Pepper"

Decorated Winch

Terraced Garden

Lunch in a Promenade Shelter

"Stork", a steel boat

On the Mud. We needed to wait for the barges to refloat

Bottle thrown away

A panorama of Maldon

Working on Kitty

St Marys Church with a distinctive tower

National dress

Boat Workshop

For sale, "Needs a little work"

Daring walk

Steam Tug Brent owned by a trust

Promenade Park Lake and fountain

Camouflaged Mallard

Black Headed Gulls

Barges tied up at Hythe Quay

Beacon in the Park

Play Galleon for kids

Beach Huts in the Park. No beach just mud

Budge's life boat. She was at Dunkirk

Grandma out for a stroll

Back to the Quay

We visited the Queens Head for a bad coffee after looking round the Quay area and before embarking at 12:45 for lunch

Tidy rope on deck

Hydrogen built 1906 and Thistle alongside and afloat

Know the ropes

Waiting for lunch on deck

Thistle followed us

Hydrogen's humorous, chatty Mate and quiet Captain

In the distance the memorial to the Battle of Maldon AD 991. Anglo Saxons versus invading Danish Vikings

The saloon where lunch was served.

Hydrogen used to carry oil. Three barges Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, the elements of oil

Jason the Apprentice talks to us.

It rained for a while

A yacht passing by

"The Old Ship" on the north bank of the Blackwater

The "Bertha" dredger

Thistle and her.....

.........passengers overtake

An Anglo Saxon?

Thistle with more sail

A police boat overtakes

"Alert IV"

Blocks and Tackle

Anchor Chain

It stopped raining

Boat huts on stilts

Consulting the Mate

Another Jolly Sailor pub on opposite bank

Indian style van in Maldon on our return

A colourful terrace on our way to the car park

Crankshaft by the Maldon Museum

Colourful posey

Flowers in a boat

Ship and Anchor Maldon

My Geotag log

Map of Essex