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 A Naturetrek Holiday we took from 22nd May to 29th May 2016 in the Spanish Pyrenees led by Phil Thompson and David Morris. The tour was aimed largely at bird watchers so we spent a lot of time looking up but my photos of the birds were generally poor. See:  for the hotel and the Naturetrek report is at

 DAY1-2:  22nd & 23rd  May 2016    Factual Corrections I welcome and I thank Helen for most of the binomial names.

A map of the Region, Berdun has a red pointer

We met most of the group at Stansted including Phil and David. We had brought sandwiches for our lunch and purchased a Coffee from Ryanair.

Peter, our host at Casa Sarasa, brought the two minivans to Zaragoza Airport and we drove to Berdun where the remainder of the group had already arrived, making 14 and two leaders.

The Airport was locking up as we left, as the last of the three planes that day had arrived.


A roadside stop on our journey, to glimpse the Pinnacles of Iglos

The Pinnacles of Iglos

Village of Iglos

A long view of Berdun with the snowy Pyrenees in the background

An ancient press by the door of...

....Casa Sarasa,  our hotel. We were at the far right in a self catering room.

The view from the hotel towards the Pyrenees

DAY 2  

We took a walk before breakfast, at 8am, for a first look at the village

Field Poppies by the fence

On the hill up to the village

A barn

Helen's Geotags of the morning walk in the "badlands" and the afternoon by the Rio Aragon

The snappers in silhouette


Ready for people to sit outside in the evening.

Looking down from Berdun

Muscari comosum

 A Red Kite. We saw many birds, especially raptors, but my photography was not up to getting good pictures.



Red Sedum

Bee Orchid

Helianthemum apenninum

Griffon Vulture


Fly Orchids

Griffon Vulture


Poppy, Papaver Apulum

Lady Orchid


 Clouds on the mountains

Red Kite with pray

We met another English Birding Group by the River Aragon who sought information about sightings but showed us a Grey Frog and told about a Bee Eater by the bridge.

Gravelly ground with Thyme, Sedum Rubrum etc

The Beautiful Flax


The "Badlands"


A Thistle, Silybum marianum

Rio Aragon


A Wood Brown

Plantathera bifolia - Lesser Butterfly Orchid


Riverside scrub


Green Underwing Blue


Yellow Onion, Allium moly


Military Orchid

Female Blue

Spanish Fritilliary

Pyramid Orchid

A Derelict Farmhouse

Day flying Moth

Sargus Bipunctatus, Soldier Fly


Papaver apulum? Same look as Marjory Blamey's but no one else!

Wall Brown

Chalk Hill Blue?

A Scarlet Pimpernel

Praying Mantis eats a butterfly

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Common Convolvulus

Beautiful Flax

Linum suffruticosum


Gary inspects the bridge over the Rio Aragon

Iberian Water Frog


Longhorn Beatle

Horseshoe Vetch

Military Orchid

Cephalanthera damasonium

Dingy Skipper

Green Tiger Beetle




Rio Aragon


Ranunculus, Buttercup

Grey Frog

Wall Brown

Sawfly Orchid


David by the demolished ancient bridge's gate house

Berdun long view, I took a ride up to the town with Phil and David, who were banished to another hotel in Berdun. I wanted to take some photos this evening before supper.

The supply of wine (gratis) was very generous and induced relaxation and an early bed


Berdun by the town car park


Newly painted house plus the lady painter. I noticed her working round all week

Looking down at the "Badlands" where we encountered many birds

Various views of Berdun's narrow streets.

Market House?

Day 3