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Tuesday 15th Oct 2019, an Gang of Four walk from Holborn to Paddington and the Welcome Institute via the British Museum

Map of our walk

Matching tie and hat band

Kingsway Tram Underpass

Sicilian Avenue

Helens Location Log

Another Photographer

Suddenly it's

A spotty teapot

Looking through

Brooks and Brooks

Isaac Disraeli's house Bloomsbury Square


Physics for Cats


Top of the Totem Pole

The British Museum

The Great Court

Greek Statues

To the left


Totem Pole

Tatty old "Lion of Knidos" from Turkey

Several statues of Sekhmet


Viewing Window

Assyrian Lions?


Looks like a nice Pharaoh

Big Sheep


Giant Scarab

Three wise monkeys plus a "mini me"

Indian God

Easter Island Head

Are you going to pay up?

It's getting out!

 Nine Gods...

...one of them

Flying Saucer

Old Lion

New Gas pipes

Dead pipe

Yoo hoo!

Cabby's Cafe



A Green Man

Shelter (for homeless)

BT Tower on the Skyline

Garden Kiosk

School of Slavonic and East European Studies

The "Euston Flyer" for a more expensive lunch. Fullers pubs vary!

Strong enough?

The Clown

Adverts in the Phone Box

Lunch outside a dance Academy


Duke's Road

Woburn Walk


British Medical Association

BMA Mirror


Mahatma Gandhi

Mandala of Yamantaka, a picture of the Buddhist Universe, on the Hiroshima Tree

Bloomsbury Theatre

Jump by Uber

Ceiling ornament

Ever changing colours in the Wellcome Collection Cafe

Being Human

"Being Human" Wall

Spare hands and Feet

Spiral Staircase

Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome

Soft porn?

Henry Wellcome's Story

Maori Tattoos copied

Brass Corset to correct spine defect?

Death Mask of Albert Einstein

Which colour eyes today?

Rams Head snuff box

A Joke Pot

Florence Nightingale's Moccasins

Split Head

"Tactile Portrait" of Dr Gachet by Vincent Van Gogh

Memento Mori

Grim Reapers

Peruvian Mummy

Phrenology Skull

Porn Locket

Buddhist Figures

To help with pregnancy?

England's Heaviest Man

Humans hatch from Eggs

Yoruba Ebony Figure

Red Indian

AmaBomvana Tribe

Digging out a bullet

New Britain, Shaman

Inuit Shaman

German, worn by Victim of Torture?

Italian Death Mask

Shri Lanka, Disease Mask

Down the Spiral


Fakirs Shoes

More porn

At the bottom

Arm of the Torture Chair

"Euston Tap" in a gatehouse


London Home