Friday 16th November 2012 A walk

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Friday 7th November 2014 A tour of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel organised by HELC, Euston Road and the Tower

The British Library

Listening to his IPod

 An Anthony Gormley Installation

Looks like Fairy Palace.

Newton in front of British Library

Tree of Knowledge

Georgian Duke Road St Pancras

Doorway sitting

Georgian Woburn Walk


Two on Smoke Breaks


Bridal Wear

Steve in Duke Road

Taking the film crew who

took them! (hence laughter)

Subject of the film?

Window Cleaners

Code Stone Caryatid

Church Door bedroom

St Pancras Church

Costa Coffee light

Coffee Drinkers in Costa Coffee

Hooded Smoker

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel 


West End of the Hotel

Column base Decoration

Water Bottles

Blue Downspouts

Wyverns on Column Capital

Our Guide and Distinguished Listeners

Orchids in a Goldfish Bowl


A Serpentine railing


Grand Staircase

Private Dining Room

Original Ceiling with Bells lightshades

Curving Dining room

Mirrored Bar

A Flunkey waits for...

Looking Up the spiral stairs

Carpet Woven to Fit


I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Looking Down

Self portrait in a lift

Ceiling Ribs

A Corridor to Rooms

Wooden tracery to stop visitors feeling insecure with cantilever stairs

LMS Railway Wyvern caps the arms of the regions the railway passes through


Another Wyvern

Light wooden tracery supports

Legend of the Rose.  Le Roman de la Rose


Side Corridor


Towards a reception

From the Long Corridor

Looking along the Long Transverse Corridor

Reception Area

Eurostar Trains

A lounge

The Giles Gilbert Scott Suite, the Group resting

Oval Table


Ceiling Rose

Luxury Curtain Tie


Shaving Mug with the top most water tank decoration.

Modern Lights


Gothic Chair

Sparkly Lamp 



Ready to leave the hotel

Upper Level of the Railway Station

Drawing the Statues

John Betjeman, saviour of the station.

Base Relief  below the "Meeting Place" sculpture

Lucky Dog

Track Laying

Reflecting Glasses


Small Dragon in the station roof

Door to The Rocket pub,

a Mitchells and Butler pub, for lunch

A Glimpse of Newton

Reflections in the Walkie-Talkie Building

"Blood Swept Lands and Fields of Red" in the Tower Moat

Volunteers make up the Poppies

Placing the Poppies

Volunteers at work

The "Weeping Window" from previously.

"The Wave" from previously.

We walked to Aldgate to avoid the crush on the way home

Four difference treatments

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