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 A short Holiday we took from 13th April  to 20th April 2016 in Venice, Italy. A selection from the thousand photos I took

DAY1-2: 13-14th April  Gatwick- San Marco, Venice

A map of Venice and the Islands

Water Taxis wait at the airport, the new water terminal is being built in the background

The Waterbus quay, buy a return ticket

Waiting for the Waterbus, Vaporetto, which we took to Piazza San Marco

A small island we passed during the 1.5hr journey

Murano, a Vaporetto stop

Another stop

Parking slots for Water Taxis (Speedboats!)

Classic view of St Marks Square and the Doge's Palace from the Vaporetto,

The clock tower under whose arch we passed to find our Hotel, Citta di Milano. NB Crowds

The Campanile

The Basilica of St Mark copied from Church in Constantinople

DAY2   Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace and the Prison

The view from our hotel room. As the Air conditioning did not work we needed to keep the window open, despite the odd mosquito. It was in the 20s C

Looking up the the light well which was surrounded by buildings

From the Hotel front door...

....and into the small square on the route to the Rialto.

Into Campo San Zulian


Early morning clearing the rubbish

More Rubbish being loaded

Wisteria grows well here

Continuously flowing water, but who needs it?

Many courtyards have a rainwater well in the centre, but they aren't used any longer

Tourist shops don't open till 10am hence the Calle are empty before then

Typical Venetian Windows

Tourists up and about early

Food shops like the Co-Op open at 0830. We later learned to shop there

Everything needs delivering by barrow, up and down over the bridges

Guarding the Co-Op

Carnival Dolls

Raining,  architect Palladio was a Venetian


Silver Masks

Baroque Mirror

Gondola ride under umbrellas in the rain


Sheltering from the rain

Carnival Masks

Coat of Arms

More Masks

La Fenice Opera House, but there was nothing of interest for us to see

A balcony to sit out on. Only the very rich have gardens

A still wet Calle

On the "sea front", Riva degli Schiavori

Umbrella Shop Sign we used as a land mark to the Rialto.

Carnival Cloaks

On the Grand Canal by the Rialto

An old Apothecary's sign

Beside the Rialto Bridge which was under repair and covered up

Rialto Market which is usually shoulder to shoulder with tourists

Gondolas not yet in service

Canal side Cafe



Barking at his reflection

Letter boxes

Campanile, there are dozens!

My master


Our coffee spot in Campo Sant Aponal

Posing with the models in Campo Sant Aponal

Space is very scarce, so often buildings span the pathways or Calle

On the Grand Canal

Safer than the canals to drink by the pigeons

A holiday shot,..

....now I'll take you

Our first evening meal was eaten here, Trattoria Sempion. I had a poor Lasagne

Everyone needs a selfie


Campo St Zulian with  Carnival Cloaks displayed

From the Hotel front window

Wall plaque of St George

Tommaso Rangone who restored the Church of San Zulian in 1553. He had made his fortune from a quack remedy for syphilis.

Waterbus Stops along the front (Riva), from the Doge's Palace window

Piazza San Marco Colonnade

Piazza San Marco, feeding the pigeons

The Basilica, four Horses from Constantinople Hippodrome over the door

Incredible stone carvings

Exit from the Palace

Figures of the Roman Tetrarchs from Constantinople

The Palace Facade


The Astronomical Clock

A corner of the Piazza, Showing Napoleon's apartment

St George and the Crocodile (the Dragon)

Door decoration

Letter Box for Anonymous Treason Accusations.

A ceiling in the Palace above the  Censors Stairs

Listening to the Audio Guide

There are great painting on all the walls and...

..some incredible ceilings

Grand Council Hall

The Pope and the Doge. The first 76 Doges are represented, as are many prominent citizens.

Battle scene with the Turks with graphic details


Ancient Gun Mouth

Roofs from the Doge's Palace

A distinctive chimney


The route to our Hotel in red

In the "New Prison"

Beds probably 3 or 4 per bed

New Prison, some cells are below ground

The Bridge of Sighs leads from the Palace and Court Rooms to the Prison

A cell door

A gryphon

Day 3