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Wednesday 19th June 2019, an Arts Society of St Albans outing to Broughton Castle

Satellite picture of the Castle near Banbury

The only toilets, in the car park. We were half an hour late because of an accident on the M25. A two hour journey

St Mary's Church

The grave yard

The narrow defendable bridge over the moat. Tea room to the left

One open heavy gate

A long view of the fortified Elizabethan  Manor House, called Castle, owned by the Twisleton-Wickam-Fiennes family

The tearoom for coffee and biscuits. We returned after the tour for a Quiche Lorraine  lunch

The Great Hall built on the site of the ancient Hall House

Chinese Tureen

A Corridor

European Armour

Smooth bore guns

Five members listen to the guide

A Georgian Ceiling

Another corridor

Elizabethan ceiling

Comment on the heating which is expensively good now

Leather and fur coat

William 1st Viscount (8th Lord) Saye and Sele 1582-1662

A door to the cellar

Civil war armour some found in the moat

Small Bishop, large Crook


Tudor fireplace

Calamander or Coromandel wood table

Roughly carved wood panelling

Civil war parliamentary commander

A pewter Jug

Oliver Cromwell

Old Dining Room. The Parliamentarian Viscount was forgiven by Charles II as he did not sign the death warrant for Charles I

Modern Stained glass


Old Dining Room again

Long gallery

Spiral stairs

Chinese teapot

The Queen's bedroom

 Fireplace locally made from pattern books

A detail of the fireplace

Embroidered cover on a four poster bed

The squint to the chapel

Chapel view

Ann of Denmark 1574-1619

Ring to call a servant

"Young Lady with a letter" 1770

The Kings Chamber. James I stayed 4 times

Lacquer work

Hand painted wll paper



Comptroller of the Royal bedchamber's uniform

a detail

Make-up box. Many "antiques" have been bought since early gambling family members sold all the house contents

Modern cantilever bed



Ben Johnson

Long case clock

Chinese Style door

The oldest surviving hat trick, 1859, awarded to Cecil Fiennes for thee wickets in successive balls

A Viscount's Robes

Lead work on the roof

Alder logs to attract any wood worms

Another fireplace

Elephant arm rest

19th Century toy called Leotard after the French Acrobat

Sitting in the Secrets Room

The Gatehouse from the roof

The Knot Garden from the roof

Stone "tiles"

Draft-proof internal porch

Our guide in the mementoes room


Fine Calf skin coat

Carved panels which were previously painted green

Repro Chinese lamp

Across the front of the house

The moat garden to the side

Doorway to the Knot Garden

Knot Garden

Windows in the wall

Ex Garderobe?

1306-2006 Memorial Sundial

Church south door

Side north door

Oil Lamp

So pale, he cannot be well!

Fine Moustache

Modern Stained Glass


Owls? We had a much quicker journey home.

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