Charing Cross Road

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A  Gang of Four walk from Leicester Square Tube to Euston Square Tube 3rd March 2023. A grey day

Location Log of the walk

The Hippodrome Casino

The Roof

Smoke Break

Leicester Square

Column Capital

The Notre Dame de France

The nave

The Dome, part of the cast iron structure that was once a "Panorama" before a church

The Manger on column by the main entrance

The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt painting

Chinese Street food


Leicester Place

A Dumpling Shop

Making Dumplings

Medicine Shop

Night Club entrance

Bun House

Tourist Tat

The Owner

All sizes

The Porcupine on Charing Cross Road

Gong Nong Bing


Lord Voldemort

Chinese Gowns

70 years of the "Mousetrap" at St Martins theatre

Stationery Shop


Orcs Nest

Hats Galore


The Palace Theatre

Chicken Meals

The Cambridge

Greek Court, blocked

The Three Greyhounds, Old Compton Street

Cafe Boheme for coffee celebrating Steve's birthday, late.

The Italian style bar

A Poster


Killing Time

Downstairs for a Tattoo

Party Dress in the "Adult Shop"

Evening Dress

This block used to be all Foyle's



Guitars for sale in Denmark Street


More Guitars

Earnshaw Street

Centre Point

"All that Glisters" gold cinema in St Giles Square

A very large hound

Tottenham Court Road Tube


Edwardian Buildings

Cheap Tat

Pink Coat

In "Games Workshop"

The Jack Horner

The Rising Sun

A Pixie? at the top of the Rising Sun

Traditional computer shops

On Guard

Pursuing the Criminals

Waiting for lights

Goodge Street  Station

Timothy Oulton, Chandelier Shop

Book Stack

Door Knobs

Apollo Capsule

Dining Room

Black cat


Heal's Iconic Cat

Tottenham Street Mural

The Northumberland Arms for Lunch: Moo on Mash



Ladies and Gents signs

Leprechaun's Hat

Gold Cutlery

The Grant Museum of Zoology University Street


This Orang Utan died a natural death at the Zoo


Archaeopteryx cast from a fossil

A Cuckoo Skeleton

A Penis Worm

A Giant Deer


Elephant Skull


A Frog


Viewing Gallery


After viewing the "Naked Sexy Cafe"

Only 5000

Euston Road reflected

Colourful Euston Road

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