London Bridges

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A  Gang of Four walk along the Thames 14th February 2023. A sunny day of bright contrasts

Location Log of the walk

Tourists in Parliament Square

Sundial and Clock in the tower of St Margaret's Church

Big Ben

The Supreme Court


Misty tower

Safe in their hands

Armed Police

The Palace of Westminster

Victoria Tower

Gate to Victoria Tower

Emmeline Pankhurst

The Burghers of Calais

A detail

One man Recorder Band

Mist on the Thames



Westminster Bridge

Victoria Tower Gardens

Waiting for the interview

A stream sometimes

Coat of Arms?


The Palace of Westminster

South bank from Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth Palace

Cast in 1870

National Covid Memorial Wall

Flowers left

An Egyptian Duck

A Heavy Bench

A Friendly Tourist

A "vlogger"

Clay pipe stems from river mud

Steve in mid air below Westminster Bridge

A struggle


The London Eye

The Drive Mechanism

The London Eye again

Not very like him!

The Shell Centre

A Carousel

The Horses on it

A Candy Floss stall

"I am a tree"

The Southbank Skate Space

They slipped off

The Mexican Kitchen

The National Theatre

Inside the Art

A Puppeteer

Just past Hungerford Bridge

HMS President

Towards Canary Wharf and Blackfriars Bridge


"Two Women"

The bar at the "Thirsty Bear" for Lunch

Which loo is Gents?

The Thirsty Bear

Much too grand!

London Bridge?


Blackfriars Bridge


Tile Picture of London, Chatham and Dover Railway

Painted Bricks


Bursting Bubbles

Drawing Flags

Blackfriars Station

Panorama Two


The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge towards Southwark Bridge

Waterloo Bridge



Stone "Skipping"

The "Riverside Walk"

Sun Worship

The College of Arms

A balcony

The Church of Scientology

"The Cockpit" pub

A glimpse of St Pauls

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