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Friday 8th July  2016 London Walk in the City by the Gang of Four to The Skygarden, Southbank and the Serpentine Gallery


Our walk to the "Walkie Talkie" from Bank Underground station

Two Eccentrics

The Bank of England

The sign of Gresham's Bank in  Lombard Street

Layer Cake building?

An Imposing Doorway

Commercial Bank of Scotland Sign

The "Spiritual Centre"  of the City

In a Ginger Outfit

The "Cheese Grater"

 A Conference

20 Fenchurch Street, the "Walkie Talkie" looms down

After airport type security check, we started our 1hr free visit to the "Skygarden". No one was checked on!

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge from the Balcony

In the Jungle

London Bridge area opposite

Concern (there was a breeze)


Planning their next visit

St Paul's Cathedral area

The open Balcony

The London Assembly Building

A Tree Fern frond unfurls

A Gang of small ones

A trio of Skyscrapers

An Orchid table decoration

Three out of the Four with 4 coffees

A White Orchid

An uncomfortable long bench

Blackfriars Bridge etc

A formal Knot Garden on a roof

Stairway and feet

Sofas under the roof

Five fingers

Could be painful!

Someones "Portrait". We, having queued for the Unisex loo, walked to the South Bank along the river...

...via The Monument

An Alley

Cleaning the windows and the shades

Yellow under belly building

The Shard

A Lamp and the Shard

Triptych (can you see the joins/)

A Street Map

Michael and a Red Flower

A ginger Banker

The "Razor" beyond at Elephant and Castle

A "Blik"

Swing Bridge

Cannon Street Station



Our Gang in Reflection


Part of a Mosaic story of London

Southwark Bridge

I am coming for you

The Wobbly Bridge

Who is afraid to jump? Weee!

The "Millennium Measure” , a glass obelisque

A pile driver from Blackfriars Bridge

Runners by the Thames

A Nurse

The "Switch Room", the Tate Modern extension

A bustle or panniers?

"Last Mountain Head" artwork

The Tate Modern, with magnificent brickwork, then on to Blackfriars.

More Pile Driving, before we ate lunch in the "Blackfriar" pub.  Fish and Chips for me. Very dim inside

Waiting for a friend?

1 Blackfriars building

Toilets Downstairs

Smokers outside the "Blackfriar"

Workers' Lunch. After lunch we walked to Chancery Lane Tube

Mexican Cafe

The Punch Tavern

Tourists.                  We walked from Lancaster Gate tube to the Serpentine Gallery...

...past the Italian Garden in Kensington Gardens

a Man and Dog

...and Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens

More colourful than pigeons

A wild parakeet feeding

The "Serpentine Summer House" by various artists, this one by Kunlé Adeyemi (Nié)

by Yona Friedman

by Asif Khan

by Barkow Leibinger

The Serpentine Pavilion by BjarKe Ingels

We travelled home via Lancaster Gate, Bond Street and West Hampstead Thameslink.

Hi Ho Silver

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