27, 28 & 29th June 2009    click to enlarge photo; "back" to return. 

A complicated traffic junctions

Alexander Nevski Memorial Cathedral

Sofia is close to the Mountains

Not much traffic here

Tourist and worshipers listening to Greek orthodox sung Mass, no photographs allowed! Didn't deter American tourists.


Towards the Palace of Culture

The only working Mosque, in which Helen wore an all-over hood & cloak, cost  4lev

Sofia herself on a column with owl for wisdom

(Ex Communist) Party Headquarters

An Edwardian Building

The Indoor market

The rear view of some flats

Sofia is a Spa with medicinal water where some wash themselves.

Drinkers enjoying an "erotic" drink.

Orange seems a popular colour.

Can I sell you something?

Repro paintings Market

Having a chat and a smoke

The Russian Church

Correct translation?


Street Scene

The Morning After?

In deep thought

A Pavement Cafe

Heroes remembered

Beer drinkers


Roman Church surrounded

The grandiose University building.

An older Tram


Quiet side street

The Poster Collection Curator

The to be restored Turkish Baths

Cleaning Windows


Helen & Friends

Urban Yucca




Homemade Bread for sale

Local Bobbies

Posing for posterity

Recorder player in the Park

Flower Stall and proud owners

Did you bake them? (Home made bread rings)

Hanging out

Window Shoppers

Changing the Presidential Guard

Roma begging for cigarettes



Embroidery and Lace Market


Wide Boulevards

A popular stall at the Flea Market

The Bike Repairers market

The National Theatre


I think my shopping is done

Opera Director honoured.

Sunday Socialising

Would you like to buy a posy?

Fountain in front of the palace