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A Holiday arranged by Cox and Kings 14th-25th April 2006 with fellow travellers Ian & Ann Gray making four of us.

Map of our Holiday, red dotted line

A French Colonial House in Tana (Antananarivo)

Market Roofs & Our Hotel beyond on the hill

View down on Tana

High Town Tana where the air is cooler

Modern Tana

The Heart shaped Lake, Tana

 Prime Minister's Palace

Locals looking over Tana

Gathering firewood in the city centre, one of the hidden poor

Old Tana (Antananarivo)

A roadside stall

The Old Town

Market Stalls

The Open market, Tana

English house, hence the chimney.

The Queens Palace gate

Uphill and downhill houses

The washing is out on the line

The ruined Queen's Palace

Street People, Tana

Looking out of their window

The view from our Hotel window

Wooden Cauldron in a souvenir shop

Better houses opposite the hotel, early on Sunday morning

Crossing the road

Sardines for sale

The Covered Market

Uphill view with reflections from our hotel windows

Pie man passing opposite

Off to Church

Children Playing

The Old Forum

A small trader, plus baby

Open meat shop, no fridges here

Reproduced City Gate with rolling stone gate

A Cobbled Street

The defunct Tana Railway Station

A Cafe

The College

Under the counter books?



Central Park

Derelict House


Fruit Sellers

More Church-Goers

"Ho Chi Minh", a charming beggar

Zoo Entrance

A Fossa in Tana zoo

A big Crocodile in the zoo


Rice Field below a rock slope

A Riverside Village

Long view of the Presidential Palace, far right

Curious villagers, (ours was a pretty ordinary Minibus)

Nile Crocodiles?

Bus Station & 'Pousse-Pousses'

Bamboo Thicket

Selling Fruit

Miramar Beach

Baobab Tree & 'house'

Baobab 'Forest'

The highway, N2

Bowler hats must keep left, this was a railway bridge

Holiday Bungalows

Handmade wooden toys

Riverside Village

Panther Chameleon

Fuel Supplies arriving

A Seaside Shack


From the hills

A Warty Chameleon

Madagascar Kingfisher

Not Friends?

Dugout canoe

Going to an Easter Party, taken through the minibus Windscreen

A Sandy Cove

Travellers Palm, the National Symbol


Lubber Grasshopper, 3" long

The village market where my camera gave up. There was Madagascan Tobacco, a sort of green snuff, on sale.

Grandma in her bedroom

The Farm Village we looked around

Village Girls

Village Lads

Village Paddy Fields

Rice Drying on highway N2, no animal thieving.

Rice Harvest in terraces

Memorials to the Dead, the bodies are buried in forest we were told

Young family

Animals made from Rafffia

Painting toy trucks

Cast  aluminium artwork


Country lane

Granite Outcrop

The Plain & a Geologist, our fellow traveller


Gum Trees & Staff Bungalows, Berenty Reserve

Brown Lemur gang sets off home

Reception at Berenty Private Reserve

The roof gang who woke us every morning

Hybrid Brown Lemur

Berenty Visitors' Bungalows

The Laundry Returns

Ringtail Lemur

Ready yet?

These are Sifakas "Dancing" or galloping, but the light was low and they were very fast!

The De Heaulme's Mansion, the local land owners who own Berenty etc

Sifaka Lemur

Octopus Tree

Tamarind Forest


More Strange Fruit


Petrol delivery?

Zebu Roadblock

A container lorry down below

Tortoise Race start, at the Gems Shop

Gems for sale

Brown Lemurs

Orange Chameleon

A hill village

Farm on the plain


Roadside Bar

Pounding the Fibres for handmade paper

Smoothing the paper

Drying paper

Handmade paper shop

Proud Mum

Pounding Corn meal

Corn meal Pounder posing

Looking Out

Making a Dugout Canoe

Picnic Spot just off the N2

Roadside snack bar

Kudu Lead Cow

Poinsettia, the National Flower

Seaside pool

Pitcher Plants

A Detail

Erosion Effect (river colour)

Line fishing

River scene & Crocodiles, somewhere?

Odd Fruit

Sapphire Mining Town. A grass fire provided a feast of roast insects for the birds 

Spiny Forest

Tulear Shell Market

Dinosaur Bones for sale in the market

"Town Party" and a Marathon

Police Station

French Colonial Spa Hotel

Durian growing

Senegal troops who were used by the French to keep order, on a grave marker

A Farmer's Cart

Two types of Beobab

Helping out in the market

Transitional Forest

Lobsters for Ann's lunch


Catching lobsters for Ann

Girls from the village collecting wood and fording the creek


Grave Decoration

Bottle Brush Plant

It's someone's home


A Salon de The, which has seen better days, in Fort Dauphin

A local Mosque

We flew from Fort Dauphin back to Tana

Coast littered with wrecks

Fort Dauphin

Fort Dauphin

Not much freeboard canoe on Lake Evatraha

Shops in Fort Dauphin

An Eastern Village

A Hill Village

A Fishing Village

The Fishing Village again

Forest Warden

Wash Day

Salama! (Hello)

That's her opinion



Evening in Isola National Park

"Relais de la Reine", Chalets our hotel

Spectacular rock formations

Elephants Foot Plant


"Piscine Naturelle" & French Frolickers in Isola National Park

Isola National Park

Not Uranium ore in this cliff

There is a buzzard's nest there, somewhere.

Sunset Window

An empty steel coffin awaiting the return of the body which has been removed for re-dressing.

View from Ambositra

Fabrice our guide & the old Citadel Gate Ambositra

French Governors sitting room, Ambositra is on the cooler high ground.

Governors House next to the old kings house


Old and new transport

Old Palace Main Gate


Kings Ancient Palace, the French governor's to the rear

Town Gate  Ambositra

A new Fish Shop

A Canon & an Inspector

Fixed fishing nets 

Sacred Tree

A Clothes stall

A Family Grave

Fabrice and our driver

Gendarmes checking their papers on this grave