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14th JULY 2009     for Camera Cl

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Saturday 4th Feb 2012  London Photo Walk around  BROADWAY MARKET Helen's pictures are at http://fands.org.uk/1.FANDSLondon-fields.htm

Tropical Hackney

Having Breakfast, potty to hand


The Arches

A Prisoner (not Photoshopped!)

"Happy Kitchen" Loo

The counter

The "Happy Kitchen"

A Pig on a shelf

A squeeze for the Waitress


Blue Scarf


"No photo I'm on the run"

Three Blondes

In London Fields

Pink Coat

Moving around?

Fruit and Veg Stall

Dogs and toddler

Cheese Stall

Fudge, Nougat and a smile

Cloth Dolls


Flower Stall

Cakes of many kinds

A selection of Bread

African Spice

A fag to keep warm


Wrapped up to keep warm

This Fur Coat a fit?

German Food

Vietnamese sandwiches

Frying Scallops (too much)

Rooting through for rarities under observation

Counter of Eel and Pie Shop

Eel and Pie Shop

Smoke Break


Graffito Artist?

Engine Repairs

Iced in

Teddies for sale


Overgrown House

Rapunzel, let down your hair


Gas Cylinders

Modern (Art) Graffito

Where are their clothes?

Been Shopping

Suitcases to suit

Three views of furniture

Try this!

Praying for the best angle

New Hippy?

Search for a bargain

Hanging out

Smart older lady

Gareth Look-alike

Stone Caterpillar

A small snack

Making up a bunch


Old Timers

Lunch Break



Are you taking me?

Delivering Ads

The "Pub on the Park"

Waiting Calmly

Big Grin

Hot Chocolate

Old Music

Not photographing a Pigeon?

Keeping to the edge

Waiting for hand outs

Happy Travellers!

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