The "Imperial Explorer" holiday run by Great Rail Journeys in Sept 20004. Helen's photos are at: http://www.fands.org.uk/1.FANDSRailway-hols.htm

These photos are scanned from rather tatty negatives





Map of Budapest

Arriving at Budapest

Buda on the left Pest on the right of the Danube

Cityscape from the castle

The "Blue" Danube and the Chain Bridge

Waterfront plus River Cruise boats

Citadel Peace Memorial

German Field Guns at the Citadel

Waiting to be photographed

Government building

Tradition uniform at the Citadel

Town Hall, faux medieval

The Portcullis of  Vajdahunyad castle

Romanesque Church copied from one at Jak

Sitting on the steps

Doorway detail

Surprised that he hit it?

Famous Medieval Poet called "Anonymous"

"Art Nouveau" style Mezogazdasagi  Museum


The Railcar that took us to the Transport Museum

The Transport Museum entrance made as an old style station

An old Tank engine

Modified to run on rails

Old Rolling stock

A Diesel Shunter

A post war suburban train

A Modern Express


Old passenger car

An old express

An old post box

Children use a hand driven see-saw cart

The Chain Bridge at night

The Oldest Church in Budapest

In the castle area

Steep steps up to the Castle

View from Cafe Miro where I had Smaltz in ignorance of its taste

Guarding the Chain Bridge

View from the Funicular which we took to the castle

Bridge support cable

Danube Cruiser

Emblem of the Magyars

Heroes Square

Arpad leader of the Tribes

The Seven Chiefs

Museum of Art

Villa on the Square

The Hungarian Parliament building

Fishermans Bastion....


The Cathedral has a very colourful roof tiles

Parliament building inspired by ours

Children's Railway originally manned by Pioneers as a reward for loyalty

Wood burner

 Papal Nuncio's Palace and.....

....his door knockers


Luxury shops

A Poet

Large Art Nouveau Apartments

Budapest Central Station

To the Austro Hungarian Imperial Waiting Room for a Champagne reception


Our train Journey

Another outing train

Our Locomotive

The Drivers. We rode in the cab later and got a certificate

Our Dining Car where drinks were available to us all day, free!

Oiling and wheel tapping

Our carriage which became a bedroom at night

Japanese Pavilion on Lake Balaton

Fishermen trying for Pike Perch?

Lakeside Cafe

A Lake Pleasure Steamer

Festetics Palace

OPUSZTASZER An open air heritage Museum    

Magyar "Wigwam"

Another primitive hovel

A yurt

Inside the Yurt

Targets for the mounted archers demonstration

Horse training ring

Two volunteer firemen, they were having a rally and ox roast

Old style farmhouse

Inside an old farmhouse

Disused Privy

A Country Post Office

Inside an old farmhouse

Inside an old farmhouse

Old Barns

Bedroom, note the stove


Grain Stores

Gift Shop

A new station where we had a wine tasting in the drizzle

TANYACSARDA  RANCH A Hungarian "Dude ranch"    

Our transport to the ranch

The train was "held up" by bandits (Csikos) and we were taken to the ranch

A stampede

White "Steppes cattle"

A Csikos, bandit, who made their hoses lie down and hid behind them

Riding 5 horses

A stick dance, Gypsy band with a cimbalom

Traditional Dancers. We had a fireside sing song waiting for the train beside the track





A small Farm with a patch of Opium poppies

Veil Water Fall

Veil Water Fall, Calcine Steps

Wood burning narrow gauge, Forest Railway

A Monster stump


Shops Szeged

Diesel Forest Train

Our Loco for the day

Baradla Cave on the Slovak Border



Very low light in the cave

A Wayside station

Market. NB Pizza Oven

Neither Country nor Pub as labelled!


Town Hall



The Dom (Cathedral)

Government Building

Do come on in?

Clothes Shop

Rush hour traffic Szeged

Our Luggage

The Train Crew

Killing the Turks!

Tram Szeged

War Memorial Arch to1848

Waiting for our train



Local Train

Kecskemet Station

Museum to the discoverer of Vitamin C

Yellow Brick Road towards the centre

Mosque, no longer in use

Kecskemet is called a fruit salad

Protestant Church

Old Street Kecskemet

Newer Street Kecskeme

Central Square

Wedding Kecskemet, note MC.



Our Hotel Eger


Old Minaret

Early Morning Eger


Evening towards Eger castle

Local Pub

Don Quixote

Fazola Hinges

Fazola Ironwork

A bastion Eger Castle

Castle Walls. The Turks were beaten back!

A view towards the town

A bank

Dereliction of which we saw very little

From Eger Castle


A smarth Hotel


Smart Hat

Traditional cafe for evening Goulash


Godollo Palace

Main Square

Rear of the Palace

Break for Icecream

The yet to be restored part

Unrestored wing