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Crete in Bloom 15-21st April 2008 self catering but  lead by Steve and Clive        "Autumn in Crete" 2009 is at Crete 2


White Mountains from Patio

Village Church, Megala Horafia

Free range Sheep

White Aspodel


Black and White Beetle

Blue Stamens, Anemone

Roman Cistern Aptera

Crab Spider lurking

Hania, a Dress Shop

Small Blue Butterfly


Pond, Omalos Plain

Therisso Gorge

Wild Tulips, Omalos Plain

Euphorbia Tree, Therisso Gorge

White Mountains from Omalos

Well hidden Lizard


Free roaming Goats on Therisso Gorge

Horse in a hat, Chania

Turkish Fort Aptera

Longhorn Beetle

Butterfly Orchid


Green Lizard


Hill Village

Alley in Hania

White Cat in window

Fire Escape?

Blue Jugs

Four Spot Butterfly




Backgammon battle



The Front Hania

A Street Old Town Hania

Disused Mosque, Hania

Marbled Toad

Hania City Wall

Land Crab

Millipede on the beach, Georgioupolis


Proud Grandma, Vrisse

Retired Baker

Scorpion Fly

Spili Spring


Coffee Stop, Vrisse


Monastery, Agia Triada

Wild Red Tulips,

Token Monk


Teasing the Monk?


Asfendos Gorge

Soo Tired


Enough Sightseeing!

Wasp's nest

Hania Window


Watchers, Maza

Hania Old Town

Farm Yard, Maza

Frescoes in Maza

Where the Raki Still is stoked

Raki Still explained

Star of Jerusalem

Tickle me! (Feral Cat)

Helen's Small Snack for lunch

Butterfly Orchid

Fritillary Hill


Is that a good photo?

Plant Pot

Pope's Bodyguard Beetle

Staircase in Agia Triades Monastery

Aptera Taverna, note wine barrel & anodised wine "can"

Group Leaders, Clive & Steven

Taverna and wine cans

Swallowtail Butterfly

Lunch Break, Aptera

Tree Frog Omalos Plain

White Mountains from Omalos Plain

Pot Shop, Chania

A patch of shade for the goat

Wild Peonies

Ashfendos Gorge

Taverna Society, Vrisse

Latin names of plants are on Helen's website  http://www.fands.org.uk/1.FANDSCrete.htm