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February 2007     a jungly place click photo for larger picture

HOME   At the time, February 2007, I just contributed to Helen's website: http://www.fands.org.uk/1.FANDSCostaRica.htm This site came later

A traffic short cut San Jose

A street in San Jose

Windows barred houses, San Jose

 A friendly Squirrel

The Ramada

The Ramada

Through the bus window

"Monkey ladder"

Black river turtles

Black and yellow beetle

Original Tree has been "eaten" by a strangler vine

A Night Heron

Looking down on the canopy

Aerial Tram over the rain forest

"Monkey Ladder" Liana

Strangler Vine on a tree

Large red aphids

Long view of Volcano Arenal

Bullet Ants

Summit of Volcano Arenal

Giant Bamboo which was an owl roost

Green Hermit Hummingbird

Great Potoo Chick

A Tortuguero Hotel Launch on the Tortuguero Canal

Large White Heron

Banded Owl Butterfly

Boats leaving Parismina for Tortuguero

Small Blue Heron

Hanging Bridge over cloud forest Monteverde

Helen on Hanging Bridge Selvatura

Jersey Brahma Cow on Rio Fortuna farm


Boa Constrictor at Bioparque

Owl Moth outside

One handed photo, Blue Morph

A Tican Cowboy

Village Church

One of the Tortuguero Canals

Cano Island and yacht sailing by

Lisa and Chris

Monarch Butterfly

Montezuma Oropendula Nests

Anhinga, Snake bird

Waiting for the boat

Howler Monkey

Village house

Another Tortuguero Canal

Another village church

Boat for Corcocavardo at Sierpe


Poison Dart Frog


American Whiptail Lizard

Dawn bird watch at Corcovado

Ice cold coconuts


American Crocodile

Old Hacienda Living room

Hacienda Bedroom

"Enamelled" Tree Frog

"Flame in the forest" tree

 Capuchin Monkey

Green Kingfisher

Leaf frog

Tortuguero General Store


 Pink house plus locals

Refreshing swim in the jungle

"Glass" frog

Red legged blue honey creeper

Howler Monkey

A Passion Flower

Government Prefab for homeless migrant family

A Cowboy

Barethroated Tiger Heron

Off the Pan American Highway

Hummingbird taking off, wings too fast to photograph

Baselisk lizard

Peter etc Making tortillas

Lower falls La Paz

Baby Cayman

Night Heron hunting baby Cayman

Northern Jacana, Lily walker

Coati begging at the kitchen

Large Cayman

Postman Hybrid Butterfly

The Goth with Hercules Beetle

La Paz Waterfall


Emerald Basilisk

Liana with Bromilliads

A Butterfly Siproeta stelenes

Village Church


Iguana in mating dress

Jungle Falls

Crocodile lurking

Spider with remains of rival

A toad in the hand

Basilisk, Jesus Christ Lizard

A Traditional Meal on a banana leaf


Milk trees

Night Heron


Palmar Sur "Airport"

Pedro, Chief Ranger Corcovado

Traditional Oxcart

Palmar Park with Lithic Spheres made by pre-colombian Disquis people

Port Arenal

A privy

Boatyard Sierpe river

Corcovado Lodge Landing point


Service Area Pan American Highway

Jamaican style house Tortuguero

Swiss-like lakeside Arenal


Banana packing factory

Two toed sloth in isolated tree on a farm

The Tortuguero Canal damaged by earthquake

Leafcutter ants

Julia Butterfly

Tortuguero Town Sign

Smallholder Alginaldo & wife

Traditional Coffee

Tortuguero Catholic Church with no path to the door.

Derelict Banana Loco Palmar

Country House

Student Lunch Break Corcovado

Twin Otter at Tortuguero

Palmar Sur Airport Departures

Landing at Palmar Sur

Great White Heron

Fer-de-Lance snake


Spider Monkey

Reception Class Rio Fortuna 6.5 years

View of Volcano Arenal from Hotel

Palmar Sur

Palmar Sur Airport Departures

Longnose bat

Longnose bats camouflaged

Pedro and manfred

Turtle Beach