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HOME  Imperial Explorer Sept 20004 Helen's site is: Fands   At the time I put my account in a book, these scans were done much later.


A night stop only out and back    

Map central Koln

Koln Rhine Railway Bridge



Front door

Koln Cathedral

View from our Hotel

Our Hotel

Koln Hauptbahnhof

Koln Rhine Zoobrueke



Passing through Dresden


Koln Railway Station

Passing through Brussels


Two Days    

Berlin City Centre Map

Berlin Main Station plus ICE

Brandenburg  Gate

Cycle Taxis

Memorials to deaths and the Berlin Wall

The Spree passes the Reichstag

The Kohl Scuttle, the Berliners love nicknames like this

Reflected new offices

Latin Waste/Salvage Collection

Iron Birds, Botanical Gardens

Tourist Bus


Languishing by the Spree

Cathedral (Dom)

Fern House, Botanical Gardens

Victoriana Lilies

Peruvian Water Lilies


New Office

Sonja, our guide

Bridge between offices

Spree riverside

New Offices near Reichstag

She will kill the lion

Ice Cream, anyone?

"The Popes Revenge", the East German radio/TV tower which has a cross reflection

Restored Reichstag building

School Children visit the Reichstag

Pan as caryatid at Sans Souci

Sans Souci Palace

Terrace Gardens


Wedding Cake

Grand gateway

New Tram

The central courtyard of our hotel, a converted "Albrechshof"

113 Heer Strasse our old and now neglected house

A Berlin Bear

The old East German parliament, now demolished

A wartime concrete bunker

Remnant of the Berlin Wall

Remnant of the Berlin Wall

Local Resident


Der Staats Oper


EAst Berlin still being built up. Pink pipes remove ground water