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Thursday 12th January  2017 London Walk in Southwark by the Gang of Four from Waterloo to Borough Market. The light was dull and grey with cold rain that fell on our lenses!

Helen's GPS logger image  (It enlarges) The long straight lines are journeys to and from home via West Hampstead and the Jubilee Line

Our walk shown on Open Street Map

Waterloo Station Concourse

Looking down from the Gallery

Refurbishing the HS2 Terminal

South West Trains lined up

Down from the gallery where the Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition pictures were

Underground Entrance

The front steps into Waterloo Station

The Whitehouse garden. Looking out from Royal Festival Hall Cafe where we had coffee

I Max Cinema

Left behind by development

Strange Foot Bridges to Waterloo East

An old street called...

 ..Roupell Street..

..and the Corner Shop

Entrance to a bus Parking Area

Palestra House, Tfl HQ

Smoking Area outside

This swallow signifies what? It should be signed one tile with an X if it is by XYLO

The Old Vic theatre

I'm looking forward to this picture by Michael

Blackfriars Wine Bar


Mar  Terra,Spanish, odd spelling?

Street Art

An Elephant's Grave Gambia Street gardens

Cross Bracing

Smoke Break

The White Hart

"Another World is Possible"

Large size overalls

Birds in an Art and Design Shop

Ceiling Lights

 The Boot and Flogger, London's first real wine bar opened in 1964  It is home to some of the most original private rooms in the area.

Coloured Windows

No A Colourful Zebra Crossing

The Menier Chocolate Factory Museum


War Memorial

St Christopher's Inn and..

..through to the yard

The George's Yard. Half the Inn was demolished to make way for a marshalling yard. (long gone)

Pub Sign (founded 1676)

 The George used to line three sides of the yard and plays took place therein

H in the Gallery Restaurant of The George where we had a good lunch in the warmth. The only remaining Galleried In in London

The next door room

Fruit on Display in Borough Market

Wild Tope


We all sniffed the Truffles

A Big Cheese

A French Bike

Various fruit Vinegars

On Guard



A busker in the Market

Steve Forges ahead

Wine Wharf

Bishop of Winchester's Palace ruin

Heading for home

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