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Tuesday 30th Aug 2016 a Gang of Four visit to the Supreme Court and Westminster



We took the Jubilee Line to Westminster

The empty platform...

...and a train arrives

Massive pipes

The Palace of Westminster opposite

St Stephens Tavern lantern

Big Ben looms above

A turret of Portcullis House

Westminster Abbey across Parliament Square

Decorated Keystone

Some sort of sale? I declined a golden tag.

Supreme Court Entrance, the third Guildhall or court on this spot.

Abraham Lincoln

Supreme Court front

Lady Jane Grey offered the crown

The Queen, Elisabeth II

The Library

One of the portraits

The moulded library ceiling

Looking Upwards

The Librarian's hatch

Front Staircase used in many films

A Tapestry (it enlarges)

Carved Supporter

Court Room Two, note the arms

A Novel Clock Design

A curtain plus Ghurkha Security

Michael explains the court system

Window catches

The Judges' Bench

Eleanor Roosevelt quoted "Justice cannot be for one side alone but must be for both" on the glass screen at the rear

A Carved Screen

A view of Parliament Square

Court Room One where a recording of a real case was playing

Examining a seat

The Windows

A rabbit arm rest

Some idiot is in her shot

Eagle, all arm rests are different.

The carpet with the symbols of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Law books

Angel Judge

Bench end

Exhibition Room in the cellar, robes in the background

Brougham, established the Central Criminal Court etc

Middlesex County arms

The corridor to the Cafe

A Newsprint portrait by a young offender


Dream in a book

The Cafe in the light well

Looking up in the Cafe

Edward VII King and Emperor

Foundation Stone of the original Middlesex Crown Court

A Judges Warrant

Exterior Wall detail

Balcony Supports

Central Hall Westminster and..


...its entrance. The cellar was a wartime shelter.

The Chapel that was a bank

Looking out at Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre

Michael besides a life size statue of John Wesley


Original Electric Light from 1905

Steve snaps the staircase

Inside Europe's Largest Domed ceiling

A lion supporter

The four manual organ. It is a Methodist Church on Sundays

Westminster Abbey, from the balcony, and...

...the clock

and Barclays Bank, next door

Looking towards the London Eye

The Lobby of this building where the inaugural meeting of the UN took place in 1946

A typical "William & Mary" house door in Old Queens Street

The narrow Lewisham street

The Chilean Ambassador's car

Reflection of Queen Anne's Gate in the car's rear window

The Two Chairmen (Sedan chair)

The Two Chairmen pub

An old single bar pub for our lunch

I did not notice the cock fighting memorabilia  on the walls

An Old Advert

The pub in its habitat with..

,,,Lewisham Street next door

Queen Ann

House detail 1

House detail 2

Typical "William & Mary" house in Queen Anne's Gate

House detail 3

Typical Doorway

They are all probably wood painted white

Falcon House, most expensive house in London,120million

Falcon house belongs to a Middle Eastern Royal

Hurrying by

Birdcage Walk with Wellington Barracks on the left, Green Park on the right

Strollers in the sun

General Alexander

The Guards Chapel

Stained Glass

A detail

Engraved Glass

Welsh Guards alcove

The Cafe Outside the Chapel

Ferret Armoured Car

Band Practice

Watching the Band Practice

An ancient Guardsman and..


Wellington Barracks

The Mounted Band in the Toy Soldiers Shop

WW2 Soldiers

Indian Soldiers

Enjoying the music

The band wheeled and counter marched

Hurrying for a snap

Victoria Memorial

Various summer styles

Office of the High Commission of the Kingdom of Swaziland in a building designed by Reginald Blomfield in the late 19th century and features by Henry Pegram

But why a galleon? Even Pevsner could not find out

Chinese style

Barracks Camouflage?

The Adam & Eve, Steve inspects

Pub Sign

St James Tube station

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