Sir John Soane's Museum


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An Old Flames trip to Sir John Soane's Museum on 17th march 2022.  Because of generally very low light, high contrast and too many people pictures in the Museum are poor

Map of our walk

Holy Sepulchre Church

Car bonnet

Guard tower to Holborn viaduct

Cheese and Pickle

My Ball!

A bit gaudy?

Farringdon Street

Excuse me!

City Arms

Sir William Walworth

Prince Consort Albert

The Prudential

Staples Inn

The Cittie of York

Art in Lincoln's Inn Fields

Iris bucharica

 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Giant Plane Tree


The Gate

The Ship Tavern

A donation?

Loo French Style


Outside Holborn Tube Station

New Hat

Brick Work "Saw Hock Student Centre"

LSE Plaza

"Baby Tembo" in LSE Plaza

LSE Globe "The World Upside Down"

Ye Old White Horse

Corvus Corvus

Sir John Soane's House and Museum. Look up , look down!

Chaise Longue

Painted Ceiling

A mirror not next room. There were artefacts in every conceivable space with little care their display

Sir John Soane at 72 with wig and flattering painting

Dining Room

Emma Hamilton

One of very many mirrors


Design for wife Eliza's mausoleum

Shallow bowl ceiling with skylight

Surrender of Field Marshal Tallard to the Duke of Marlborough after Battle of Blenheim

Hanging Staircase (cantilevered)

Our guide shows ceiling's construction

The Great Belzoni who sold looted Egyptian antiquities to Soane and the British Museum

The Sarcophagus of Seti 1

A Light Dome

Repro Greek, Soane was not fussy

Smart Phone Photo and flattering bust of Soane

I thought it was a Mermaid!


One of four ivory chairs

Hogarth's "Election 1" of 4

There were 200 odd pictures  in the small room behind several screens

A Turner watercolour. There were several Canalettos, Turners etc

Up to the bedrooms with a bath!

Shakespeare looks shocked

The Sitting Room

Off High Holborn

"Sir Christopher Hatton" pub for lunch

Looking back from Leather Lane

Mostly food stall's now in Leather Lane!

The diamond district

Moved out from Bleeding Heart Yard where no one could find it.

"The One Tun" pub

Farringdon Station