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Wednesday 28th March 2018 an Old Flames Visit  to the Post Office Museum and "Mail Rail"


Map of our route

 Royal Post-box

a detail

Stage coach guard's coat

A lion attacks the coach's horse

Pony Express?

Rowland Hill

Mail Coach


Pillar boxes were green until 1874

Royal Mail Arms

Speaking tubes

Penny Farthings delivery boys

Pneumatic mail

Moses Nobbs 55 years a Mail Coach Guard




War time

Despatch Rider's bike

Mail van

Anti Suffragette Post Card

Air Mail only


Portrait for the stamps

Post Bus

Modern Phone Box

Early dial phone

Special Stamps

Uniforms to try on are in bins below

or hanging up

A wasted effort!


Retired Post boxes, we now had an hour to wait so went to...

the Waiting Room at  The Museum of Funeral History

Whose judges inexpensive?

Emergency Exit

Irish Tribute

Vestal Virgin

Saint Sepulchre

South Asian


A Scottish Widow

A Winter Burial




Dad's Outfit?

For the Gay Community?

Reggie Kray, well known gangster

Choose your handle


Obvious Connections


People Burner

From the Koran

Tube travel

Ancient Greek Mausoleum

Horse Drawn Hearse

Motor Hearse

Irish Revolutionary Leader


Door to the cold store?

A Devil's Limo

Our Train Mail loco

Side view

Satchels hung from the train having been packed for the next collection point where they....

.... were grabbed automatically

Sorting Car on the mail train

Controller's Bridge

..the layout simulator

repairs happening

Petrol Loco

Electric Loco

Battery powered rescue train for the inevitable power cut

From the failed Pneumatic railway

The old full journey

At the same level

Swing Right


Prison Bars


Crossover points

Struggling out

All aboard

Greene King "Apple tree" for lunch

The bar

Melting at the bottom, a view of the Mount Pleasant sorting office

Kings Cross

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