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A Green Tours holiday in Slovenia 2nd-9th June 2018.  We were a party of 5, with sunny and dry weather, lead by Paul Veenvliet. Any corrections to plant names etc would be welcomed  

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Saturday 2nd June 2018  Up early to catch the 04:20 train to Gatwick. and  a sub standard Titan Airline plane to Marco Polo Venice

The drive from Venice to Novo Vas as tracked

Typical Slovenian countryside

Famous Chicken shape of Slovenia

The Group is greeted by Sasha, the Manager at the gate of Hostel  24 our base for the next  four days

In the road verge which were full of wild flowers


Helens Geotags (enlarges)

Small Blue

Glanville fritillary

Wild Rose

Birds foot Trefoil


Our base "Hostel 24" with an remotely operated gate which Paul eventually opened remotelY

We walked through the village for supper at the pub

The old water supply piped from the spring in wooden pipes

A modern house in the local style

An old style house

A meadow brown

An old style house with steps outside

Black veined white on a Scabious 

Our village Minimart

The bar where we ate supper, mince and spaghetti.  Some noisy people came in later.

An old barn

A plain trrrace

The closed B& B

The road back home

Sunday 3rd June   We walked round the village before breakfast and then the group visited and cave then Lake Cerknica

We got up early and had a walk round the village. The mist cleared quickly

In Aptera village.

Guard dog

The church of St Michael behind


Old barns

Slovenian open barn

Disused farm implements

Grass thatched house


Farm house

Hay barn

The Church of St Mikel

Celebrating a Saints day. The unaccompanied singing was very good

The Priest in the shade

A road side shrine to the Virgin Mary

Poppy, Papaver rhoeas

Ox eyed daisies

Cultivated fields

The Hostel Front Door

Wild flowers

A slurry pit

Slovenian style skiing, invented at the same time as Norwegian

Stork's nest, several others were empty

Location of the Kizsna Jama cave that we visited first thing travelling by minibus

The cliff face which contained the cave

Our guide opening the cave door

The cave system. We went as far as the red arrow. We were given torches and Wellingtons

A Knobbly stalactite

Cave spider

A stomach?


A bone conglomerate on display

A petrified shin bone. Cave Bears hibernated and sometimes die in here leaving their bones.

Next picture is a Cave Bear's skull and brown bears skull on top

Scallops pattern caused by water wear

A stalacmite named Volcano "Cotopaxi"

Looked like an Ogres Head

Signature wall from Victorian times

Into the dark

The 4hr Tour along most of the length starts off

Ann looks for Charon. We had a short boat ride around

A Cave Millipede

A Bear's Shadow

Yellow thistle


Marsh Fritillary and




Burnt tip orchid

Dark veined white

Grizzled Skipper

Adonis blue

Adonis blue

Adonis blue

We went for lunch at Contrabantar a farm and stables referring to its smuggling past

A hack with insecticide on its back

An old sledge, it usually snows in winter

A barn and pig sty

Barn with tourist waggon

Very friendly guard dog

Grandpa who runs the stable

Lake Cerknica almost dried out

Lake Cerknica in winter (from the Internet)

 Following  the Martin Krpan trail.

The story in next picture which enlarges.

His weapon was an axe



Bee hives

Grannies bonnets


Tiny toadlet

Lily Beetle

White Admiral

Lesser butterfly orchid

Dead nettles

Ragged Robbin

Wood White

Flower Meadow

The last bit of Lake Cerknica, the rest has drained away

There were tadpoles in the pond

Marsh Frog

Black winged Demoiselle

Red Admiral

The river looking for wagtails

A grass snake held by another tourist

We waited 3hrs and eventually saw a wild bear in the pitch dark

But Helen got some better photos while it was light enough


Olm from the Internet

In the pitch dark, could this be an Olm?

Olm full body from the Internet

Monday 4th June  A trip seeing alkaline meadow

Our route today

Natural sign post

His very long, white antennae is not visible against the pink 

Burn orchid

Pyramid Orchid

The river in Vrysse


Helen Ann and Paul


Little Heath?


Blue mating


Glanville fritillary

Bee on Scabious

Marsh fritillary

Female blue

On the Main Square



Lilium bulbiferum

Colorado beetle

Yellow beetle 

Broad leaved Cotton grass meadow


Marsh Orchid


Broad leaved Cotton Grass


Clear stream

Yellow belled toads

Poplar Admirals

Next we visited a sink hole Rakov Skocjan


Black ground beetle

Beautiful Demoiselle

Pond before the river disappears

Turquoise Winged Demoiselle

Almost gone


Flag Iris

Looking down the sink hole where the river disappears

Tway Blade

Ruined Church of St Captianus

Tuesday 5th June  A trip to a Italian ruin, high plateau and high virgin forest

Today's route

The village before breakfast

Grandma working early

Small Copper

Field Cricket

The ruin, owned by Italian nobility, and looted when the Communists arrived

The barn museum

An old plough

Collected bygones

Enamel Pots

A timber wagon

The Gnome's cave

The gnome's house

A privy

A Polish Tourist

The barn exterior


A rare (her) limestone pavement

See enlargement  below

Looking over the cliff

Rock Bunting

      Panorama enlarges

Not a Lady bird

Rain and cloud coming

The Cloud is clearing

Alpine Meadow

Looking down

Roe Deer

Alpine Newt

Black and white slug




Supper at

Wednesday 6th June  A trip to the Wetlands by Koper and an area by the Croatin border,

Today's Journey

Novo Vas village church before breakfast

Grass Thatch

In the grave yard

Wooden Virgin

In the Nature Reserve, red necked terrapins,

Red darter

Container port


Thursday 7th June Ormalos Plain 1050m via Vrysse

Our journey East

Admiring the view from the Pick up


on the opposite side of the road too.

Easter Painted Eggs in the cafe

Friday 8th June Ormalos Plain 1050m via Vrysse

Todays round trip

Admiring the view from the Pick up

Our stop for coffee, buy honey etc at

Easter Painted Eggs in the cafe


Saturdayday 9th June Ormalos Plain 1050m via Vrysse


The Ormalos Plain

Admiring the view from the Pick up


Our stop for coffee, buy honey etc at Taverna Gephyra.    The rain soon stopped.  They were slow to produce the coffee but were manning the stall on the opposite side of the road too.


Easter Painted Eggs in the cafe


Vrysse side street


Clive returns to the coach


Looking down the Samarian Gorge (closed that day) We had lunch here.