A Probus Club trip to Leighton Buzzard Railway, 2ft Narrow Gauge, on 15th August 2018

Model of No.4260,  1922

She ain't heavy

Smokey "Doll"

Our carriage, ready for the off

with a box Brownie camera?

up we get

Not quite the same shape

Doll again is...

...Number 1641,  1919

Stoker etc, etc

A Siding



"Penlee", only for climbing on!

The story of WWI narrow gauge railways

Petrol motor driven, Ann A

"Nutty" made using steam lorry parts

"Brigardelok" German made military loco "2023"


Sand types explained, plus skip

Diesel Train with sand skips, "Damredub" a 20hp Simplex diesel

Transport Trust

Repairs in progress

Another Ruston Diesel

Taking on water

Nissen Hut in use

Deisel Shunter NG46

Fork Lift Truck


Stonehenge Works

Cafe volunteers

Engine Driver


...plus baby


Steve and Helen snapping the road crossing

Taking the weight off

Ruth Rlling (note the Umlaut) She is the caterer

Buzzrail Cafe for our buffet lunch

They also serve who only stand and wait

Isabel plus "NG23" One of three locomotives built for the Royal Air Force

Returning backwards to Page's Park

"Beaudesert", a diesel shunter

P C Allen

Boiler door

The Route to the Sand workings

Steve and Mr Allen


Duct taper to the rescue (down right)

A wood burning loco with spark catcher funnel, Elf

Elf.....Where's Safety? ....

US help with World War I

Not to be moved


A oiler again

Work table.

After a wait we set off home