A visit to Brimham Rocks in York

York City

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On Sunday 17th Nov 2013 we visited a very crowded and grey York. All we really had time for was a walk round the City walls.

Map of York

Bastion on the river

Rowers on the River Ouse

Remains of the City Wall

Through the Arch

High Pottergate

Bootham Bar

High Pottergate

Through a Watch Tower

Along the City Wall

York Minster

Steel Birds

Dean's Parks

Looking through the embattlements

Towards the Minster

Looking downwards to the road

Clean brick houses

Monk Bar

Bile Beans advert

Fisherman who showed us pictures of his huge catch

Bridge over the canal

Red Tower, previous end of the wall

Walmgate Bar

Walmgate Bar

Tower side door


Fishergate Bar on Piccadilly

Clifford's Tower on the site where the Jewish residents were massacred by the mob in 1190 to avoid repaying loans

Wall again


Victorian Magistrates Court


Grand Entrance

City Wall

Ex Library Door Clifford Street

The Three Tuns pub, Coppergate

Terracotta building corner Parliament Stree

The Golden Fleece, The Pavement

Tudor Houses on The Pavement

Church with Lantern

The Shambles

Ancient Window

The Shambles, full of tourists

Walk Geotags

The busy Shambles

Iron Tracery

The Teddy Shop on Stonegate

Ghost Walk advertised by man on stilts. Looking down Stonegate

Old Shop with an Oriel Window

A glimpse of the Minster

St Martin le Grand Clock with revolving Naval Officer, Coney Street

The Busy Coney Street

A tired tourist outside The Guildhall Cony Street

Carousel in Parliament Street

Chestnut Seller hides his face

Escapologist in Parliament Street

Red Lion pub, Merchantgate

Canal and Factory off Merchantgate

Merchant Adventurers Hall, 1357

Merchant Adventurers Hall

Alley to Pottergate

Golden Lion, Church Street

Red Facade on Cony Street

St Denys's Church

Dick Turpin's Grave

Old Shops

St Mary's Abbey ruin

Moot Hall in Museum Gardens