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A visit to Portsmouth Dockyard by Peter, Helen and Steve travelling by train and coach on 29th Aug 2015

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Portsmouth 2014

We had caught the 09:02 train to London and the 10:30 from Victoria Coach Station coach to Portsmouth which arrived 30mins late at 13:00 but it cost only 14 return. The "Ship Anson" looked very crowded so we chose the "Ship Leopard", which was stylishly decorated, for lunch.

A leopard's face

Another Leopard

The bar at "The Ship Leopard", a boutique hotel, for lunch

HMS Warrior

Boats in a line

The Mudlarks' (and donors) memorial

HMS Warrior

A view of the Spinnaker Tower through the Mudlarks legs

The (Greek) Warrior figurehead

A Pontoon


An Old Tar and Harley owner


Enlarge to read

Street Art

Stern decoration

Sea Snake detail

The Harley Davidson for sale, 14000


A photographer

Jolly Jack Tars



A breech loader gun

Brass Canon

The Gosport Ferry

Gangway duty

Treasure chest?

Life raft?

Block and Tackle

Anchor Chain

Mess deck 10

Cutlass store

"Very simple engineering, Victorian".

The Gun deck

A Heavy Cannon

Sponge, Tamper and obstruction removing screw

The Cooking Range

A Steel Gun

Propeller shaft below, it was not clear how they disconnected the propeller when sailing

Must be hard work steering!


Steve gets a different angle

A Musket Rack


The Captain also shares his cabin with a canon

More Cutlasses

Officers Dining room

Officers sitting room

Brass Fire Pump

An Oil Lamp

A Food store

Four steam cylinders drive crank shafts in the propeller shaft

Restored Crank shaft

The row of boilers

Boiler fire doors with shadow of my lens hood.

Gun ports

Monitor M33 a wide, thin skinned gun platform for inshore bombardment with its 6" Gun.

The Bow

A control valve


Sleeping in the Forepeak which was cold and damp and uncomfortable as the ship rolled excessively

Ghosts of the crew

Mess deck

Willow models

Cooking Range

Search Light

The only Heads, pump it yourself.

The Bridge

The Helm

The Radio shack

The coach arrived at Portsmouth Hard on time, 5pm, and reached Victoria by by 6:50. We were home before 8pm having eaten a sandwich on the coach.

The Smoke Stack

 Waiting in the bus shelter