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A few pictures from our stay in Malta from 1965-1968 they were scanned from slides taken with a Kodak Retinette. It was hard work trying to restore the colour balance

Map of  Malta

Mary and Joseph, Old Railway Track, Balzan, our "hiring"

Our sitting room with standard army furniture

The view from the balcony at sunset

The view from the balcony  during the day

Mitsouko inspects Chamberlain the tortoise

Climbing Geranium in a special pot

Our neighbours

Valetta City gate


City gate Medina

Entrance to a cemetery

Anchor Bay


Mediterranean Sheep and Goats

Using a wooden plough

Exit from the Inland Sea

Hassan's Cave

We sailed through from the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto

Sea Cave

Very colourful marine growth


Beside the Gate to Medina

Medina, the British Military Hospital was near here where Matthew was born

St Paul who, it is said, stopped off here on his way to Rome

An ornate hearse, where are the horses?

Church St Pauls Bay

A winter storm which was always unexpected each year

The only Mosque at the time.

A working quarry

A Farm, Barija


Mosta Dome

The Central Plain

St Paul's Bay

Salt Pans, Salina

Yucca in M'Tarfa BMH

Family transport

Field Barn

Composted newspaper to add fibre to the soil. Inquisitor's Palace is on the horizon.


Valetta Alley

The Port de Bombes, Valetta, built by Royal Engineers


A boy and goat

Mellieha with red clover and yellow Bermuda Buttercups known as "Inglaisy"

North coast



Valetta harbour

Djaghsa (Dicer) water taxi at St Elmo

Good luck totem

Boatmen's' Huts St Elmo


 Grand Harbour Valetta

Look out over Grand Harbour

Zara Palace

Spinola at dusk

A typical Garden

The "Customs House"

St Anton Gardens

St Anton Gardens

St Anton Gardens

St Anton Gardens

Opening of the Bathing Pool at Sliema Front

Tug of War. The Malta Fortress Squadron was made up with Maltese sappers and British Officers

The "Beach" St Elmo

Opening of the Bathing Pool

A landing place and Policeman

Melons ripening

Family and their Donkey Cart

Girl at the Spring

The Fortress Squadron marches past the Chief Engineer

Cricket at the Officers Club

A fair at Barijah


Ski boat. We did a lot of water skiing as we worked 0730 to 1300hrs, leaving afternoons free

PJ Water skiing


The Ski floating Base

Paradise Bay


Swimming lesson


Gozo ferry terminal

Windmill  Zetun

From the Inland Sea

St Paul's Bay

Malta Fortress Squadron RE based at St George


Scrub land

Dragonara Palace seen from St Georges

Panorama from Medina


An alley in Medina

A private chapel

Moslem cemetery


 Grand Harbour Valetta

The Port de Bombes


They raced these carts. Our Anglia Super is behind

From launch "Callboy". There were massively over engined fast boats used for smuggling into other countries NOT Malta


A country lane


St Pauls Bay




Near B'kara ex Railway Station

Villa Rosa

From Dragonare Point

An old Shore Battery for defensive guns

Salinas Salt pans



Luqa, village, not airport

Disused aqueduct

Shrimp boats

A Malta Dog

Hagar Qim, Neolithic Temple

H at Hagar Qim, Neolithic Temple

Red Clover covered large areas of the countryside

H at "Peters Pool"