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HOME  An Old Flames visit to the London Coliseum 12th Feb 2014

St Martins Court

St Martins Court

The Round Table


The Cod Father


The Landlord of the Salisbury?

A Bishop?

The Salisbury

Tickets for sale

Gas Lamp

Goodwin Court

Goodwin Court

Old Door

Brydges Place

Remains of the night

Brydges Place entrance

Balcony on St Martin's Lane

Globe on the Coliseum Tower

Looking into the Foyer

Ancient Lights in Brydges Place


Staircase up to the Circle

Ceiling Mosaic



Founder, Sir Oswald Stoll?

Stoll's Mum


Clean Brass

A Lew Grade?


Looking upwards

Through the Mirror

Coloured Skylight


A snug

Such Passion from our Guide

Upper Bar and Skyline

Upper Bar and Skyline

Regular Drinks

Looking up at the Main Dome

From the Upper Circle

Upper Circle

Royal Box

Three Faces round the Dome

A Gladiator driving a 3 lions chariot

Roman Theme


Lights Control Desk

Stairs from the Upper Circle

Long Corridors behind the Stage

 Office workers

From the Gallery in the Flies

The Wig Department

In the Canteen

Stage Door Area

Working in the Ceiling

The Orchestra Pit

The Score for Rigoletto

In the canteen the Central Pivot for original revolving stage, now fixed.


Greek Mask in the Promenade

Smart, Performers Loo

Roman Bust

Ready for the interval

Recalling the past

The Promenade

Snaking Banister

Down to the Loos etc

Downstairs again


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