A trip organised by Harpenden Ho

Chatham DockyardHOME 

 Milton Keynes Suffolk

A visit organised by HELC to Chatham Dockyard on 9th June 2015.

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Map of the location

A Hydraulic Press?? preserved

Margate Lifeboat, Margate is no longer a lifeboat station

Hydraulic Hammer?

The Bar in the Commissioners House for an initial coffee and Danish

HMS Cavalier

Roof of the Marquee behind the Commissioners House  where we also had lunch

Servants stairs by the loo.

Looking up at the Painted Ceiling above the main stairs in the Commissioners House

A Georgian House on Admirals Walk

The Commissioners House

Senior Officers' Quarters

Decorated Door

A detail

The Clerks Houses

The door where Charles Dickens worked

Peeking into Nelsons Brewery

The Micro Brewery

A touch of colour

The Brewer, Nelson maybe?

Dockyard Arms

Police Museum


Main Dockyard Clock

Diesel Shunter WD42, Overlord

Diesel shunter, Rochester Castle

Saddle tank shunter, Ajax

Saddle tank shunter

  Peckett 0-4-0  Nr 1903

Victory Dock

HMS Cavalier

Naval War Memorial


Life boat

Heavy Gun

The Breech

The Sonar

HMS Ocelot

Slip 3 "The Big Space"

Round end roof above the Mezzanine

Roof above the Mezzanine

Bonze Propeller

HMS Gannet

They are all inside!

AA Gun

Going Rusty

Air Defence (Penguins)

Flag Signals: D73 and their Callsign

Rear Hydroplanes on Ocelot

A Small Submarine

More Rust

Green Slime


The Rigging Shop

Our Guide to the Rope Works who had a penetrating voice

Ropes Separator


Looking down the quarter mile rope way


Twisting and Turning machine

Removing the Guides

A back alley

The best Room in the Commisioners House set for tea

Westland Helicopter

The Rotary Engine of the Helicopter

HMS Gannet

Whatever it is, it is not a gannet

The Gannet's Helm

A very rusty Crane

Gannet's heavy Gun

The Breech

Shock Absorber

Over the Bowsprit


Lashed to the Carriage

A quick snooze

Early Machine Gun?

Slime Boat

Two periscopes, Radar and Radio


The Main Periscope

Torpedo Tubes in the forward Escape Compartment

First Small hatchway

Narrow Bunks

Next small hatchway

Oxygen points for use after compartment is flooded

Chart room

Electrical Controls

Large diesel used solely to charge the batteries

The pilots seat

What a squeeze!

Up to the fresh air

The deck and the fin

Two Photographers

Forward Gun

Shock absorbers


Bofors AA gun

Don't forget to latch the door

Cavalier's Helm

Depth Charges supply rails

Awarded for winning a race

Bofor's shells

Captain's Cabin

Control Centre

Seaman's Mess

Food Store

Ships Office

Radar dome

Ship's bell

Covers for Depth Charge throwers

Gun controllers seat

Supports for Ocelot

Granite sides to the dock

One man submarine

Old recovered Midget Submarine XE8

Final view