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Monday 16th April 2018 a family walk on Hampstead Heath





Map of our route across Hampstead Heath

Entrance opposite the Overground Station

Plastic Flowers

On Parliament Hill


A detail

On the hill

Coming back

View over the City


Under the beeches


Log photography

Out for a walk


Replanted Avenue

Another hillock

Pond from "The Viaduct"

Not fishing

On West Heath Road

A Bothy

Relief in sight

Jack Straw's Castle

Dog Walkers

Fallow Deer fawns

Daffodils in Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill Park Stumpery

A good stump


The Old Bull and Bush for lunch

The Bar

Helen through the mirror

Golders Hill Girl

Muhammad & Leila

Red and Yellow

All the butterflies were in the Golders Hill Zoo Butterfly House

Open at 1pm daily

Emerald Swallowtail

Blue Morph

Tree Nymph


Blue Morph...

with wings open

The Sunken Garden in front of Inverforth House

Below the Pergola

On the top

Inverforth House

Gymnast taking his photo by remote control

Posing for a friend

Spiral Stairs

Bell Moor House

On East Heath Road

Squires Mount

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