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Tuesday 17th April 2018 an Old Flames visit to Beefeater Gin Distillery


Map of our route to the Gin Distillery via the new USA Embassy


St George Wharf window cleaner

Has St George got a tiny, tiny Dragon on his spear?

Looking up

New Skyline


St George Tower (Vauxhall Tower)

Work goes on

Battersea Development

Ivy removal

A new way to hire bikes

A Sailing Club opposite

A lone woman

"See-through" gates

A large site, needs a buggy?

The foot of the Embassy building(thanks Steve)


"Helping Hand"


Another view

Hard seats

Split truck


Embassy Garden

Say "Cheese"

American Citizen Services


Brunswick House, London Architectural Salvage Supply Company (and a Restaurant)

Brunswick House, dwarfed by tower blocks, it must be listed

Vauxhall Bus Station

Bonnington Square. "Friends of Palestine". It was a commune at one time

Water Wheel

Harleyford Road Community Garden

Reception at the Beefeater Gin Visitors Centre

A Crown (Why?)

Hogarth print anti gin

A two penn'orth of "Old Tom"

"Gin Lane"

A gin connoisseur

Cafe Society (enlarges)


Spice "Organics"

from Covent Garden


Art Deco Fashion

Cocktails came in

Garter flasks required

Home still

Authentic Londoner's "Dryness" from the bottle?

Another personal still

Gin smuggling devices, Including a garter flask from USA

Bottles evolve over the years

A Painting

So true

The bottle tops

An award

Foggy outside

Reserve stills for bulk alcohol

Inspection and filling cover

Sampling points

From Still 6

Listed Gas Holders

The Original still

Today's production stills

Gin fractions at 4 hour intervals

The Distillery

Not a great look!

Inside The Pilgrim for lunch

Vauxhall City Farm

Sweeping up

Very odd building but explained in "Le livre" (in the case)

Cherry Walk across Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens with MI6 in the background (Vauxhall Cross)

Resting in the sun

Flat Side of the Embassy

Business Award

Water Tank

Missing Bulbs

Defensive laager

Vauxhall Tavern

Rescue arrives

To the Tube station

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