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A PROBUS visit to the Swiss Garden and Jordans' Mill 28th Sept 2017

Plan of the Swiss Garden

Plan of the Garden at the Entrance

Helen at the Middle Pond

Leaf Design cast iron seat

Satellite Picture of the Swiss Garden

Fancy Railings

Indian Kiosk



The Chapel

The Garden Room


The Swiss Cottage

The Swiss Cottage long view

Stone Dolphin Jardiniere

Wooden Ferns on the Sculpture Trail

Twisted Root

Bird Cherries

Sailing Ship

Twin Trunks

The Underpass

The Privy

A two seater

A stone vase

We all peer into the Swiss Cottage

Through the window

A noisy bird

Swiss Cottage main door

Entrance to the Exhibition


Inside through the door

Petit Fours?

Arch plus Eagles


Grotto and Fernery

Passage through the Grotto

Side wing


Upper Pond

Gardeners' Cottage

"Couchant Regardant"


Overlooking the Aviary remains

Admiring Autumn Crocus

Autumn Colour

Punt Harbour View

A glimpse ot the Indian Kiosk

North Bridge


Blue Pot Urn (painted??)

Eagle Seat

Fly Agaric

Ancient Omnibus

A "Charabang" OK, Charabanc

A Blackburn B2

Chromium plate?

Tiger Moth

US Marked Harvard

Our group visits the Shop


Outside the Shuttleworth Restaurant

Shuttleworth College in the Old Manor House

Shuttleworth College


Satellite View of Jordans' Mill

Jordans' Mill Restaurant is of modern wooden design

The Holme Mill

Monster Ladybird


Evening Primrose

Scarecrow and squash

A brick records each expansion upwards after a fire

Flow diagram for the mill

Vertical turbine is below

It was driven by diesel

Vertical shaft to the left rear

Power transferred to wheels and belts

Belt goes up three stories

They have heard more than enough

More Pulleys spin

Conveyor belt that lifts the grain in wooden enclosed channels

The row of rollers getting finer and finer as the flour moves through

A plan of the River Ivel

A Steelyard to weigh the sacks

Flour not face powder

A glimpse of the pile of vibrating sieves known as the "Drunken Elephant" and suspended carbon fibre rods replacing bamboo

Another resident

A shaking separator, a "Transifter"

A roller (with a visitor on top)

Driven pulleys

Gravity operated fire door